Where shall we start?…

Thanks for stopping by & thanks for coming to this section, I will try to be precise on introducing you to the topics of the blog and of course, if you have a few spare minutes, I would love to tell you a little bit about who I am and why I started blogging. 

First things first! This blog is about life & style, fashion, inspiration and everything that surrounds me, we could say this is the diary of a girl amused by arts, music and a good book. Here, I will also keep you posted beauty finds, outfit ideas, food, DIYs and everything that captivates my thoughts and my lens.

Now let me tell you a little more about myself… Im Marieta, the girl behind the blog, a mexican calling Ireland a second home, a citizen of the world. Photographer, vintage devotee, geek, online media enthusiast and a girl in love with life…and a ginger, hehe. 

That´s about it for right now I guess… but if you wish to know more about the blog or/and say hello, feel free to contact me.