Wednesday, 25 November 2015


The other day I received the October edit of the Kawaii Box, I was super excited to open it but I also wanted to share it with you guys. I wanted to do that with the September box but being my very first subscription box ever, it caused too much excitement in me that I couldn´t even wait to film a video! 

The October box is a really cute one... I want to say its my favourite but this is just my second one. I really enjoyed every single thing included, specially the candy! Anyway, here´s the video, hope you enjoy opening the box with me.

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Wednesday, 11 November 2015


The Christmas spirit came a bit early to me this year, to be specific, I was feeling the festive vibes way before Halloween. I really love the whole experience, layering up knits & cozy jackets, wearing beanies... I could keep going with the list but  dont worry i`ll save that for another post! The thing is, as soon as the cooler days arrive, I cant help but get excited for the festive season ahead.

One of my favourite things about the Christmas season, is the lovely scents candle makers create for the occacion. All with different cute names and all with the same purpose, to set a very cozy atmosphere. This is why I thought I´d share with you some really nice Christmas scents I chose from my local Yankee Candle store!

Starting with two sweet Christmas candles, Snowflake Cookie has a very sweet but not overwhelming scent. Imagine a batch of fresh baked sugar cookies with a hint of vanilla, a perfect candle to burn in the kitchen or to make any room feel very homey.

Although Berry Trifle is still within the dessert category, this candle has a more fruity fragrance, it has an overpowering smell of cherries & raspberries, almost like smelling a straight-out-of-the-oven berry tart. A more fresh option for those who aren´t big fans of pastry inspired scents. 

 I am pretty much new to the world of wax melts, I have heard they last way longer than candles and that sometimes they can have a stronger fragrance, it all sounded amazing but restrained myself of getting them as I felt like cheating on my love for candles... kinda silly, I know!

This is why I decided it was time to give them a try. Candy Cane Lane & Christmas Eve aren´t new scents to me, I have purchased them before in the form of samplers, the reason behind this is that as wax melts have a longer life, I thought I´d stick to something familiar, if you are new to wax melts I would recommend you to do the same.

As any other Yankee Candle fragrance, Candy Cane Lane really sticks to its name. I remember being a bit unsure about getting it as I thought it would end up being sickening but little did I know it would become my favourite of them all. It has notes of cinnamon at first but after burning for a while, I was able to pick a gentle smell of mint. Perfect to enjoy a rainy afternoon in.

Christmas Eve is a scent that embodies December days in a cold country. It has this overpowering smell of plums and seasonal fruits and a heart warming scent that I cannot explain in any other way than the woody smell of a hot fireplace. Although I have experienced these one as a votive candle, I am keeping the wax tart for those toasty December days! 

How do you stay cozy in winter? Let me know on a comment!

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Saturday, 7 November 2015


Can you believe we are close to saying goodbye to 2015!? It was a few days ago that I was so excited about Halloween and now its all about starting to plan Christmas shopping. As any other month, its time to talk about all those things we loved throughout the month. From kawaii things to classic horror films, here are my October favourites!

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Tuesday, 3 November 2015


Earlier on this year (can you believe 2015 is almost gone?) I tried solid shampoos for the very first time. It was a hair blowing experience (pardon the bad pun) as the New lush shampoo bar over passed my expectations. It fast became my favourite hair product and since then, I have not used any other shampoo. It was until last month that I needed to restock and I decided to give other Lush shampoos a try!

After spending some good time smelling and looking at all the different bars, I opted for the beachy & pretty looking Seanik bar and the creamy, cosy scented Honey I Washed My Hair. Both great in their different ways and perfect for different hair situations.

Seanik is a wave of volume and texture, ideal for those who want to add volume and texture to their manes. It has a beautiful summery vibe coming from the clean scent of lemon and the fragrant floral notes of one of my favourites, jasmine, tropical mimosa and orange flower. If that doesn´t take you right to a cute beach hut on a sunny day, the pretty ocean blue and the little pieces of seaweed decorating the bar will make of each wash a seaside experience.

I really like how my hair looks once its dry, as it looks more wavy, tousled but not frizzy and the most amazing part, it stays clean for longer. As I usually wash my hair in the afternoon, I love braiding it to have more defined waves in the morning without using heat.

Honey I Washed My Hair is more of a nourishing treat for dried out hair, thanks to the moisturising and repairing properties of honey. This bar has a cosy, almost-like-toffee scent, so sweet you could be tempted to eat it. Like the other Lush bars I have tried, it has a rich creamy lather adding shine and softness after every wash.   

Although this shampoo bar is aimed to dry hair, it can also be of great help for thick hair in winter time as it helps prevent frizz. Due to its rich consistence, its better to pair it with a not so rich conditioner otherwise it can weigh down hair and shorten time between washes.

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