Wednesday, 21 October 2015


Hi lovelies!
Its been a while since I posted here but I haven´t been gone at all as I have been very active on youtube and elsewhere. I have a few ideas for new blogposts and I cant wait to get back into blogging more often. Before I talk about future posts, I want to share with you some of the dreamiest instagram accounts I follow to add some daily style inspo to my dashboard!

This is for all the Birkin fans out there or anyone who loves the boho style and 60s babes. This instagram revolves around the life of this icon, including of course, her amazing style. You can take huge inspiration from the vintage snaps or from the outfit edits they often post.

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Submerge yourself in a huge wave of pastels, loads of pink, lilac and ethereal vibes! Kayla´s style is the one of a true mermaid, I really love how she remains loyal to the pastels and her posts are so aesthetic. One of my favourite themed accounts!

I discovered this Instagram account not so long ago and when I did, I wondered why I hadn´t known of her existence before! As a girl with a curvy shape myself, I often take loads of inspo from her outfits... and her makeup too!

She is part of the army of online girls that helped me become more confident of my body shape. No matter your size, its all about being confident and feeling beautiful from the inside out and I think Tanesha is not only a super stylish girl but also a beautiful soul who irradiates her inner loveliness!

I love ASOS, a very bold statement but its true and when their stylists became very public, I found my favourite ASOS girl in Megan. She has such a groovy style and her effortless but super cool outfits are my favourite to stalk. Her instagram account is full with covetable pieces, loads of OOTDs and lifestyle snaps.

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Which are your favourite Instagram accounts? Let me know on a comment!

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