Monday, 20 July 2015


When the words shampoo and conditioner are used, many of us instantly think about bottles of many shapes & sizes containing the liquid form of these two hair products. We all use or have used them and most of us know very little about the alternative options that brands such as Lush have to offer.
Until a couple of weeks ago I never thought solid shampoos & conditioners made with natural ingredients would change my hair care routine  for good. With some help from one of the lovely girls at Lush Sauchiehall Street (Glasgow), I opted for these two products and here are my thoughts about them so far.

NEW shampoo bar:  This pretty looking, handmade bar caught my attention right away. It has a very energising scent with predominant notes of cinnamon & clove complemented with a stimulating blend of nettle & peppermint. All combined to leave my head feeling super fresh, clean whilst adding shine to my hair. 
To my surprise, it has a very foamy formula and lasts quite a while as hair stays cleaner for longer and even after using for up to 4 weeks, its size has not reduced considerably. Although this bar claims to help hair growth, I haven´t noticed any major changes on the length of my hair.

BIG conditioner bar: Despite its solid form, this bar is super creamy. It has a gorgeous floral scent and even though I am still getting used to the slightly greasy texture of the product after melted with water, I have nothing but nice things to say about it.
At first I was skeptical of its potential but since I´ve been using it I have noticed it adds more volume & makes my hair look nicer, even without much time spent in styling it. Same as with the shampoo bar, this conditioner has lasted longer than I first expected.
Overall, my first experience with Lush haircare line has been amazing. I am looking forward to trying a different shampoo bar and I already have my eyes on this one.
Have you tried any hair product from Lush? Which one is your favourite? 

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  1. I didn't realize that there were bars instead of bottles available for shampoo/conditioner! I've never purchased anything from Lush (there's only one that's kinda nearby, but I rarely go shopping in that area), but I might have to check them out online! Also, I really like your unicorn comb. :)
    Melissa //

    1. I thought I replied to your comment :( I am so happy with them I kinda dont want to swap to the liquid form lol I dont have a Lush store near me but if I am somewhere near one, I have to guy and buy as much as I can! XD I thought it was super cute, its actually a little mirror but I put it on top of the comb. ^_^x

  2. Never tried them but your review makes me wanna try them out.

    1. They are worth a try! Glad you liked my review! ^_^