Wednesday, 15 July 2015


Hi guys! It feels like its been a while since I´ve written a personal post and lately, I have been very into filming videos that I haven´t really taken proper time to sit and write until now. I guess this often happens when you have a youtube cannel & also write a blog.... what matters is that I am writing to you right now!

Things have been crazy these days, good kind of crazy but also, a few hectic moments. I want to start by sharing some happy news! After a long time & several CVs sent, I have finally got a job. I am very happy, excited & scared all at the same time as its been a while since I worked.

I mean, its great to have a paying job and all the possibilities it might open but I feel just the same way I felt when I scored my first job, I am not alone in this boat of feelings as for the girls that will be starting out along with me, this is actually their fist job ever!

There has been some days in which I have felt very anxious too… the thing is, and I dont know if other people who suffer from anxiety identify with this, sometimes it comes out of nowhere. There could be many great things going on around me but somehow, I will feel like there are tons of things to worry about.

I am excited to start my first proper day at work as I am only training right now and I cant wait to find out my schedule so I can work around it to write more posts & make more videos!

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