Thursday, 28 May 2015


My adventure trying out Natural Collection products continues! I purchased this foundation a while ago and decided to give it a try on the most unhelpful weather; the dry heat of my hometown in Mexico. I think I have mentioned before how much of a nightmare it used to be to wear foundation in the summer back home. Almost any foundation felt like I was wearing a layer of cake frosting and the sweat only made it worst.

Turns out this foundation is a good option for summer and hot weather, its light weight formula almost feels like a BB cream yet it has a medium coverage giving a nice natural complexion. It works well with brush & even fingers but if applied with a makeup sponge it has a uniform dewy finish, leaving my skin looking fresh and with a beautiful light glow.

It also stays nice and fresh throughout the morning until around lunch time but I noticed that if I apply loose powder it will look as good as new. It doesn´t dry out my skin neither does it makes my skin oily. Worth a try if you want to go for something lighter for the season!

Natural Collection Colour Foundation - Link

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