Thursday, 30 April 2015


Today I am reporting to you after trying out another body moisturiser. It seems that I am determined to find a handful of body products that I can rely on when it comes to keeping my skin smooth and soft… I am happy to say this one is now part of that exclusive list!

Kiehl´s Creme de Corps (add chic french accent) has everything a skincare “best kept secret” should have. Starting with the instant feeling of hydration delivered by its light textured formula, it is absorbed by the skin faster than most rich moisturisers I have tried before. At first I was slightly worried about running out of it too quick but soon I found it only takes a little amount to cover larger areas of skin. 

I wish I had purchased a bottle earlier as it could have helped my dry skin in the cold days of Winter and I enjoy wearing body sorbets or lotions in the warmer seasons. This does not mean this is one of those seasonal products as it is a wonderful post exfoliation treat and it nurtures my legs after shaving them! 

Kiehl´s Créme de Corps - Link