Thursday, 12 March 2015


 Before I share my thoughts on this product I must confess, I am fairly new to the eyebrow game. I have always plucked them and kept them in their place but I feel like I underestimated what a nice pair of shaped brows can do to my face. Since last year I started feeling like I had to do something more, just a little extra attention... I guess it was my curious mind and far to many hours reading beauty blogs.

My eyebrows are naturally dark and I am happy to have not too thick but not to thin brows but I wanted to have fuller brows. So far, Etude House Drawing Brow has done a great job to fill in those tiny gaps. This pencil has an interesting shape, slightly angled with a thin start and a slightly thicker end this attributes make it the ideal pencil to keep my brow game looking natural, fuller and nicely shaped!

At first glimpse it reminded me of a graphite pencil but after using it, I discovered its interesting consistence; creamy enough to swipe gently but slightly powdery to achieve a well defined pigmentation. Combined with its shape, it gives me the freedom to fill in finer areas and add some extra colour on thicker parts of my eyebrows.

As any other good brow pencil, this one comes with a brush attached, making the whole process even easier. After I finish using it, I just apply a small amount of gel to tame them wild brows and I am ready to go!

Since I did my first Korean makeup haul, I have been quite happy with Etude House. Not only the have quality products but also they are not as pricey as I thought and their packaging is super cute! If like me, you live far away from Korea but want to enter the magic world of Korean beauty products, you can check out this online store.

Etude House  Drawing Eye Brow - Link