Thursday, 19 March 2015


After writing a little post about my favourite spot to eat in town, I really wanted to talk about the place I love spending afternoons.

Caffe Nero is not just the place I love to go for a simple coffee break, whilst I write this, I am realising I use any excuse to go there. From meetings, to a lovely catch up with my friend Christina or a quick break whilst running errands around the town. This place has the perfect vibe to sip a good cup of fresh coffee!

A couple of years ago, I wouldn´t have been so much obsessed about coffee but whilst working in a cafĂ© back home, I developed a love for it. When I came to Derry (the place in which I currently live), I found myself in a coffee snob situation... no place had strong, creamy coffee until Nero came to town.

I do have to say the place is crowded everyday, but the big space with earthy interiors have some kind of magic that make me forget about the world to just sit and relax having a delicious latte or focus on a meeting.

There is no great place without an equally great staff and I cannot exclude the staff of my local Caffe Nero from this post, they are all lovely and amazing behind the bar! Now I wish I would have written this whilst enjoying a panettone with a chai latte...