Thursday, 26 February 2015


We all have a little place to be, the one in the centre of the town or in a hidden street away from the city buzz... the food is great, the place is very cozy and it might not be THEE hot spot that everybody is talking about but it never fails to give you a feel good experience without being over the top.

That place for me is Sizzler´s. A little restaurant at the city centre with very traditional looking interiors that create a very cozy vibe with its dark wooded furniture and the delicious smell of homemade food. 

It has a certain unique charm, hard to find in more chain based places and all the credit has to be given to the wonderful staff that runs this place. They are friendly and you can truly sense they enjoy being there. I am not very good at keeping a fresh conversation with strangers but the first time I came across this place, the staff started a very easy conversation, always pleasant and never to intruding!

All this little things have made me remain a regular of the place, something that I have never really done but the simple idea of having a little place to be in town had always fascinated me. Gladly I have found it!

Do you have a little place to be? Whether its a local caffe from your hometown or a spot that eases the homesickness if you live in a different city, I want to know your story! Let me know on a comment!