Friday, 23 January 2015


I purchased these socks at the beginning of December. The first time I spotted them I instantly fell in love with their cute pattern and ultra cozy feeling. I would have never imagined myself writing about a pair of socks but these are THE prettiest and warmest socks I have ever owned.

As a girl who suffers from ice cold hands & feet, I have a collection of fluffy socks (if that is even a thing) which seemed to be the only type that would help my feet stay warm. The only problem is that, in my opinion, fluffy socks are not a good element to wear proudly in the outside world... I just pictured myself wearing skinny jeans, my white vans and fluffy socks... not a good combo! Don´t you think?

This is why I am so in love with this knitted pair. Not only they are practical but they are cute and look good pretty much with anything! Im not so adventurous when it comes to clothes, as you might have noticed, but really like the idea of wearing this with a pair of platforms and a tea dress. Who knows. I might try that one day!

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