Wednesday, 21 January 2015


Its freezing cold, literally. Every morning its an exiting moment to open the curtains and find out what nature has awaiting for us. Thunder snow, hailstones, rain all in one day sometimes and even frozen streets. As fun as this sounds, my skin, and probably the skin of others are in constant struggle right now.

This is why I thought on sharing a couple of products that have not failed to cheer up my skin, bring life and glow almost instantly!

The products above are two of my favourites when it comes to prepping my skin and I am so glad I found them right before the colder days arrived. The seaweed exfoliator is so gentle yet so effective, it gets rid of all the dead cells and dryness leaving my skin soft, glowing and renewed. I like using it once a week as my face seems to get very sensitive in winter.

The vitamin C skin reviver is something that I love using in extreme mornings. You know those days in which you wake up with dull, unhappy skin and you don´t really have the time to waste? Well, this bad boy is all you need. When I have one of those days, I like using a small amount of this product. Although at first it feels like gel, as soon as it touches my skin it transforms into a satin oil that blends pretty much instantly adding glow and has a slight mattifying effect too. If you decide on trying it, I suggest you use a small amount as it can be too much for oily skin. It works amazing as a primer or just on its own.

These two products are so helpful when you already have make up on or as a lunch time boost. The vitamin E face mist is amazing as its so versatile. I have used it as a morning wake me up and also as an energy boost after a few hours of wearing makeup. I really love how it makes my skin feel, it is a very vibrant, hydrating contrast to the windy, snowy days. I started using it right before I work out and it is heaven!

Kiehl´s lip balm #1 is a very indulgent and tropical pick me up. It feels like melted butter, has a lovely mango flavour and it blends smoothly on my lips turning into a shield of softness against the crazy weather only Elsa cannot feel bothered about. Dry lips, let it go! *queue silly dance*

Most people don´t feel like using anything peppermint when its cold including myself but this time I make an exception. A warm foot soak including these salts is a huge thank you to my feet after walking on the snow or struggling out in the frozen streets. Trust me on this one!

Last but not least, a product that has helped me so much this season. I came across this Argan oil whilst buying the most boring things at my nearest drugstore. I thought on giving it a try as I had read so many things about Argan oil and this one was cheap enough to casually buy. 

Turns out, it is wonderful at helping my skin remain happy & moisturised through out the winter. As you might know by now, I am very picky when it comes to body moisturisers and its ironic to say that I love this product as its an oil but it absorbs so quickly and leaves a satin feel, attributes that I´ve always been looking for in a moisturiser. I also love using it as a face mask right after I exfoliated and it works really well.

Hope you find these products helpful! I want to know what your pick me ups for cold days are, is there a product or even natural remedies that you cannot go without? Tell me! Let me know on a comment!