Wednesday, 28 January 2015


Today I want to talk to you about two eyeshadow palettes that I have been loving all Winter. I know its almost February and Spring is getting closer but  despite the super cute, wintery design of these palettes, I am considering using them way after the cold goes away.

The Frosted Pastels and Dolly Pastels palettes, were launched by The Body Shop at the beginning of fall. Both have beautiful tones with a glowing pigmentation and I like to think this is the type of eyeshadows fairies wear. Each palette has four tones that compliment each other quite well, at first they seemed to have a bold pigmentation but the lighter shades are very soft, resulting on an almost translucent highlight and a gentle hint of colour once you apply the darker shades. The darkest shadow has a glow pigmentation as well but more intense than the rest.

If I had to choose a favourite, I would pick the one we see below. The Dolly Pastels has a slightly warm approach, using a very sweet peachy tone and an intense dark brown, highlighted by an almost white vanilla hue. I think this one goes better with the colour of my eyes!

Overall I think these palettes are amazing at bringing light to any colour of eyes, which is something I always look for in eye makeup. I just wish they had launched a wider collection! Who knows, maybe they have a Spring collection in the making! *crossed fingers*