Tuesday, 13 January 2015


As I write this, the streets outside are covered in snow, reflecting a blue subtle light of the early hours of the night. A couple of days before the weather was less than ideal for outfit pictures, I went for a lovely morning walk with my favourite photographer and the only one who patiently takes my outfit pictures. 

The days here have been cold for months, no surprise as I feel like I mention it far too much over on Twitter. This is why  I have made this amazing coat part of my winter uniform, I was so lucky to find it whilst thrift shopping at Barnardo´s and I love how warm it is, ideal for layering and wearing jumpers. I also fell for the huge hood and the cape-like style of it.

Lately I have been drawn to wearing a lot of rings and to feed my love for them I purchased a set of 10 from Peacocks. It was less then 5 which is a great deal and most importantly, it won't be a tragic story when I loose them. Yup, I am that kind of girl! As much as I love jewellery, I always manage to loose rings, earrings and even bracelets. Who else does that?!