Monday, 12 January 2015


Hi guys! Today Im starting a new series of posts on the blog. After watching The Theory of Everything over the weekend, I felt so inspired and in love with the film, the acting and the wonderful life story itself. I thought this was a perfect opportunity to start this series in which Im hoping to share in a more condensed way what I learn as I live.

I felt I needed to tell someone about it an as I love writing about all those things I enjoy in life. I thought it would be great to number five things I learned after watching such a beautiful film.

1) Eddie Redmayne & Felicity Jones are the cutest on screen couple.

2) When I am fill up with self-pity, I should only try harder because everyone can accomplish great things if they only put their mind to it.

3) We should never push away those who are willing to help us. I know I tend to do this sometimes... I guess I can be a bit proud sometimes but there is nothing better than having someone who is offering unconditional support.

4) Leonardo DiCaprio will be denied another Oscar as Eddie kickstarted 2015 with a bang... a BIG BANG!... get it? ^_^

5) This is something Stephen Hawking said and its included in the film. I think its such an uplifting quote.. 

Hope you enjoyed this little post! Have you seen this film? Let me know on a comment!