Wednesday, 28 January 2015


Today I want to talk to you about two eyeshadow palettes that I have been loving all Winter. I know its almost February and Spring is getting closer but  despite the super cute, wintery design of these palettes, I am considering using them way after the cold goes away.

The Frosted Pastels and Dolly Pastels palettes, were launched by The Body Shop at the beginning of fall. Both have beautiful tones with a glowing pigmentation and I like to think this is the type of eyeshadows fairies wear. Each palette has four tones that compliment each other quite well, at first they seemed to have a bold pigmentation but the lighter shades are very soft, resulting on an almost translucent highlight and a gentle hint of colour once you apply the darker shades. The darkest shadow has a glow pigmentation as well but more intense than the rest.

If I had to choose a favourite, I would pick the one we see below. The Dolly Pastels has a slightly warm approach, using a very sweet peachy tone and an intense dark brown, highlighted by an almost white vanilla hue. I think this one goes better with the colour of my eyes!

Overall I think these palettes are amazing at bringing light to any colour of eyes, which is something I always look for in eye makeup. I just wish they had launched a wider collection! Who knows, maybe they have a Spring collection in the making! *crossed fingers*

Tuesday, 27 January 2015


Today´s video is different than usual, as I mentioned at the beginning of the year, I want to include a wider variety of topics here. I can´t even think of an accurate description for what you are about to watch, all I can promise you is that you will laugh as much as I did whilst editing it. ^_^

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Friday, 23 January 2015


I purchased these socks at the beginning of December. The first time I spotted them I instantly fell in love with their cute pattern and ultra cozy feeling. I would have never imagined myself writing about a pair of socks but these are THE prettiest and warmest socks I have ever owned.

As a girl who suffers from ice cold hands & feet, I have a collection of fluffy socks (if that is even a thing) which seemed to be the only type that would help my feet stay warm. The only problem is that, in my opinion, fluffy socks are not a good element to wear proudly in the outside world... I just pictured myself wearing skinny jeans, my white vans and fluffy socks... not a good combo! Don´t you think?

This is why I am so in love with this knitted pair. Not only they are practical but they are cute and look good pretty much with anything! Im not so adventurous when it comes to clothes, as you might have noticed, but really like the idea of wearing this with a pair of platforms and a tea dress. Who knows. I might try that one day!

Cable socks , Peacocks - Link

Thursday, 22 January 2015


I am so happy to share this little video with you! Its all about winter and its peaceful beauty. Hope you like it! :)

Wednesday, 21 January 2015


Its freezing cold, literally. Every morning its an exiting moment to open the curtains and find out what nature has awaiting for us. Thunder snow, hailstones, rain all in one day sometimes and even frozen streets. As fun as this sounds, my skin, and probably the skin of others are in constant struggle right now.

This is why I thought on sharing a couple of products that have not failed to cheer up my skin, bring life and glow almost instantly!

The products above are two of my favourites when it comes to prepping my skin and I am so glad I found them right before the colder days arrived. The seaweed exfoliator is so gentle yet so effective, it gets rid of all the dead cells and dryness leaving my skin soft, glowing and renewed. I like using it once a week as my face seems to get very sensitive in winter.

The vitamin C skin reviver is something that I love using in extreme mornings. You know those days in which you wake up with dull, unhappy skin and you don´t really have the time to waste? Well, this bad boy is all you need. When I have one of those days, I like using a small amount of this product. Although at first it feels like gel, as soon as it touches my skin it transforms into a satin oil that blends pretty much instantly adding glow and has a slight mattifying effect too. If you decide on trying it, I suggest you use a small amount as it can be too much for oily skin. It works amazing as a primer or just on its own.

These two products are so helpful when you already have make up on or as a lunch time boost. The vitamin E face mist is amazing as its so versatile. I have used it as a morning wake me up and also as an energy boost after a few hours of wearing makeup. I really love how it makes my skin feel, it is a very vibrant, hydrating contrast to the windy, snowy days. I started using it right before I work out and it is heaven!

Kiehl´s lip balm #1 is a very indulgent and tropical pick me up. It feels like melted butter, has a lovely mango flavour and it blends smoothly on my lips turning into a shield of softness against the crazy weather only Elsa cannot feel bothered about. Dry lips, let it go! *queue silly dance*

Most people don´t feel like using anything peppermint when its cold including myself but this time I make an exception. A warm foot soak including these salts is a huge thank you to my feet after walking on the snow or struggling out in the frozen streets. Trust me on this one!

Last but not least, a product that has helped me so much this season. I came across this Argan oil whilst buying the most boring things at my nearest drugstore. I thought on giving it a try as I had read so many things about Argan oil and this one was cheap enough to casually buy. 

Turns out, it is wonderful at helping my skin remain happy & moisturised through out the winter. As you might know by now, I am very picky when it comes to body moisturisers and its ironic to say that I love this product as its an oil but it absorbs so quickly and leaves a satin feel, attributes that I´ve always been looking for in a moisturiser. I also love using it as a face mask right after I exfoliated and it works really well.

Hope you find these products helpful! I want to know what your pick me ups for cold days are, is there a product or even natural remedies that you cannot go without? Tell me! Let me know on a comment!

Tuesday, 20 January 2015


Hi guys! Today I have a haul video for you. As most of the beauty stuff I buy are drugstore products, I thought I would go and buy a few things, for the sake of the video, of course! ;) 
Here are all the things I got, from all time favourites to new finds. 

Hope you enjoy the video!

Thursday, 15 January 2015

15 FACTS...

This time I filmed something slightly different than usual. I really wanted to do this video before the end of January as I want to know you all a bit better this year. To break the ice I thought it would be fun to say 15 facts about me so that you get to know me better too.

I want to know at least 1 random fact about you so make sure to leave a comment! :)

Tuesday, 13 January 2015


As I write this, the streets outside are covered in snow, reflecting a blue subtle light of the early hours of the night. A couple of days before the weather was less than ideal for outfit pictures, I went for a lovely morning walk with my favourite photographer and the only one who patiently takes my outfit pictures. 

The days here have been cold for months, no surprise as I feel like I mention it far too much over on Twitter. This is why  I have made this amazing coat part of my winter uniform, I was so lucky to find it whilst thrift shopping at Barnardo´s and I love how warm it is, ideal for layering and wearing jumpers. I also fell for the huge hood and the cape-like style of it.

Lately I have been drawn to wearing a lot of rings and to feed my love for them I purchased a set of 10 from Peacocks. It was less then 5 which is a great deal and most importantly, it won't be a tragic story when I loose them. Yup, I am that kind of girl! As much as I love jewellery, I always manage to loose rings, earrings and even bracelets. Who else does that?!


Its time for a new empty products video! I really like filming this as I feel is the best way to review something. Its like the final chapter of a review as I can tell you if it worked until the last use or if it failed…

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Monday, 12 January 2015


Hi guys! Today Im starting a new series of posts on the blog. After watching The Theory of Everything over the weekend, I felt so inspired and in love with the film, the acting and the wonderful life story itself. I thought this was a perfect opportunity to start this series in which Im hoping to share in a more condensed way what I learn as I live.

I felt I needed to tell someone about it an as I love writing about all those things I enjoy in life. I thought it would be great to number five things I learned after watching such a beautiful film.

1) Eddie Redmayne & Felicity Jones are the cutest on screen couple.

2) When I am fill up with self-pity, I should only try harder because everyone can accomplish great things if they only put their mind to it.

3) We should never push away those who are willing to help us. I know I tend to do this sometimes... I guess I can be a bit proud sometimes but there is nothing better than having someone who is offering unconditional support.

4) Leonardo DiCaprio will be denied another Oscar as Eddie kickstarted 2015 with a bang... a BIG BANG!... get it? ^_^

5) This is something Stephen Hawking said and its included in the film. I think its such an uplifting quote.. 

Hope you enjoyed this little post! Have you seen this film? Let me know on a comment!

Tuesday, 6 January 2015


I know its a bit late for this video but hey! Who does´t love a good monthly favourites? December was a fun month in which I discovered a good bunch of beauty products and some amazing style finds. Hope you enjoy this video!

Friday, 2 January 2015


I was so curious to try out a new mascara, as you might know, I am a loyal fan of Maybelline´s Great Lash and as I am so happy with it, it is rare for me to want to try out a different brand. My curiosity was to strong for this product as I read positive things from blogs that I enjoy reading so I felt like I had to give this a chance and have something different to use.

Turns out, this mascara is great at adding volume, I love the brush design and I think its a plus to have the slight curve at the end of the wand but from my experience, the brush is too thick which leads to putting mascara on unwanted places like the eyelid. This can be avoided by investing extra care though.

It has good consistence as its easy to apply and it dries quite fast but its slightly too liquid for my likes and if you have straight, stubborn eyelashes like I do, you probably have the same trouble I have with very liquid mascaras. The tend to make the lashes heavier and it is difficult to keep the curled.

I wish this product had a thicker consistence but apart from that, I really love how it makes my eyelashes look thicker and rich. I have used it as a second layer after applying my favourite mascara first and that seemed to help to keep my lashes curly. 

Show  Girl Extra Volume Mascara  - Link

Thursday, 1 January 2015


Happy New Year guys! Hope you had a nice Christmas. It was a lovely time for me to chill and spend the days with my PJ´s on while having fun with loved ones. Lets share what we got for Christmas! 

I want to know what your most memorable Christmas present was, from 2014 or any other year.