Friday, 2 January 2015


I was so curious to try out a new mascara, as you might know, I am a loyal fan of Maybelline´s Great Lash and as I am so happy with it, it is rare for me to want to try out a different brand. My curiosity was to strong for this product as I read positive things from blogs that I enjoy reading so I felt like I had to give this a chance and have something different to use.

Turns out, this mascara is great at adding volume, I love the brush design and I think its a plus to have the slight curve at the end of the wand but from my experience, the brush is too thick which leads to putting mascara on unwanted places like the eyelid. This can be avoided by investing extra care though.

It has good consistence as its easy to apply and it dries quite fast but its slightly too liquid for my likes and if you have straight, stubborn eyelashes like I do, you probably have the same trouble I have with very liquid mascaras. The tend to make the lashes heavier and it is difficult to keep the curled.

I wish this product had a thicker consistence but apart from that, I really love how it makes my eyelashes look thicker and rich. I have used it as a second layer after applying my favourite mascara first and that seemed to help to keep my lashes curly. 

Show  Girl Extra Volume Mascara  - Link