Wednesday, 3 December 2014


As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am slightly picky when it comes to body lotions and moisturisers. Some are too sticky and greasy, others are light and smooth but not helpful and even though I found a great option on The Body Shop´s body sorbets they are not very effective when the cold days arrive.

After searching for a new option, I think I have discovered one that will keep my skin smooth and moistuised... at first I did not have high hopes as I had a very shallow concept of what body oils were. I use to think they were the last thing I wanted to use, as they looked super uncomfortable and well... they are oily!

I didn´t hesitate much and got it, after all the things I have heard about Argan oil I thought it was worth a try. My opinion about body oils was quickly ditched as this lovely scented infusion was absorbed quickly by my skin leaving it silky smooth and moisturised. As far as the other things this oil claims to be helpful with, I have seen a very small improvement on my skin. I guess it might be a long term kind of thing but so far, it feels good on my skin and it has been a great help to battle the aggressiveness of the cold winter.

Organic World Moroccan oil for body & face - Link