Friday, 28 November 2014


Its been beauty madness on the blog lately, I know, I feel like I have talked about beauty related things non stop these last couple of months and how could I not? There was so many products I wanted to share with you!

But as the blog is a little extension of myself, I really want to post more outfits, places and life related stuff. I guess it all comes to better organising of my time (ouch!)... and thats why I want to start a series of monthly posts in which we can all set our wishes or/and goals for the new month. Like a little support team were we can all encourage ourselves to accomplish more things through the months. I know I am in the need of this as sometimes I feel I could´ve done much more with my days.

So here are my wishes for December!

- Make exercise a habit: I have been exercising through out the year and I think thats a step forward from not exercising at all but I really want to make it a habit! I feel like the benefits of exercising are overshadowed if I only do it occasionally.

- Keep eating healthy: I have made some good improvement in this area and I want to keep eating healthy nutritious things everyday of the month!... with one naughty day once a week.

- More persistence on my "to do" lists: I confess I am obsessed with having everything under control and I love making "to do" lists everyday, although, that does´t mean I follow them every time. I wish I was able to tick all the stuff on those lists more often and I have been successfully working on it these days. It just makes me feel like I had a great productive day!

- Embrace Christmas with open arms: This year I want to enjoy all the cheese things on Christmas; decorate (something that I haven´t done since I moved out of home), wear ugly sweaters with snowmen and all that... but most importantly, restrain myself from being a grinch!

- Plan more DIY´s: I was so excited to share my 1st DIY video with you and I promised I would make more of those but I haven´t. So this month I want to plan loads of them so we can keep making more things together.

-Smile and laugh everyday: As cheese as this sounds, I want to keep reminding myself to smile and laugh even when I am having "one of those days".

Doesn´t matter how small or big the wishes are, anything counts and I think it would be amazing if you can share your goals in a comment so we can support each other. :)

Hope you have a great month!