Tuesday, 25 November 2014


Remember how fun it was to buy make up for the very first time? It was a thing I wanted to do by myself for myself. I spent an afternoon in the mall, going in an out of all beauty shops. Until I went to a little boutique where before I had got the most awesome jackets ever and found, to my delight, they had started selling make up as well. Which was the perfect timing as I was a little shy to stare at products with amusement in shops I had never even been in  before. 

As it was a place I used to frequent, my embarrassment sort of went away and I spend a lot of time looking at all the eyeshadows, blushers and foundations they had. They were all NYX and at first I fell in love with their cute packaging and the pretty looking mosaic blushes... from that day, I was a loyal fan of their black eye pencil and rosey mosaic blush.

Then I moved to Ireland and the inevitable happened, I had run out of NYX blush. I looked everywhere with hopes of finding a little NYX stand, I searched everywhere, went in to every  drug store I could find. considering my options I tried their website, what I wanted was out of stock. I almost gave up, until I visited a little town nearby, very small one street town. I was  finally reunited with this lovely big brand in the unlikeliest of places!

I wish I had bought more stuff than just this but that only means next time, I will have to do a big haul! Right now I am so in love with this matte lip stick and pencil, I have been wearing them pretty much everyday and this eye pencil has a beautiful dark blue, which looks amazing on its own to create a cat eye look. Meow!

Eye pencil in Satin Blue  - Link
Slim Lip Pencil - Link
Matte Lipstick - Link