Friday, 7 November 2014


Lately I have developed a crush on Claire´s jewellery. I cannot pass by without getting drawn in for a quick visit to their store every time I am in the mall and to be honest, I don´t even restrain myself from doing it.

They have the cutest pieces, as you can tell by the macaroon bracelet, and the first time I spotted that tiny potion bottle filled with stars a big "awwww" came out. If all things kawaii are not precisely what you usually wear, I also found a couple of more minimal necklaces and statement pieces that are too pretty to resist. I feel like this is not a great discovery as Claire´s is nothing new for girls in UK & Ireland but for me it was a big deal.

I feel like I underrated this place due to my silly assumption that it was for a much younger crowd but they have lovely collections and it is very similar to Accesorize and other places of the sorts, they have things for everyone including tiny macaroons with adorable faces!