Monday, 8 September 2014


I wish I was actually going back to school! Yes, it can be annoying & overwhelming sometimes but it was a great time to meet knew people and have fun with them. It hasn´t been a long time since I finished my studies for good and now that I´ve been working on this Back To School series, a bit of nostalgia has arrived too. The student days were awesome!

If you are currently a student and feel a bit down, just remember that everything will pay off and trust me on this one, enjoy every single part of your student days, good or bad, embrace them. Its a one time experience!

I pretty much recreated one of my favourite school outfits, a cute sweatshirt, blue jeans & trainers. Thats how I used to make boring days &  long, tedious classes more bearable. It was also I nice experience to take my old Converse tote & use it again. It´s been with me everywhere!… Uni days, Paris, my 1st time in Ireland… we´ve been through so much together. I feel like I should use it more often, at least to go shopping but it has a lot of sentimental value I would´t like it to wear off even more (the main zipper has broken already). Have you been in this situation before?

Now that I´ve shown you my go-to school outfit, I would love to see yours! You know, that outfit layout that never fails to make you feel comfy, chic and ready to kick some asses (by this I mean get all the projects done & get the best grades you can get… don't get in fights please! lol). 

You can post your outfit here or send me a tweet with your picture, all your Back To School outfits will get a shout out on the next Weekly Round Up!

Hope you have a great school year!!

Sequin  sweatshirt, Jane Norman
Jeans, Primark
Flower Tote, Converse
Handmade bracelet, similar here.
Ring, Primark
Trainers bought in Mexico, similar here.

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