Tuesday, 30 September 2014


How crazy is this? I haven´t done one of this posts in a long time! Also, I have to say, I missed writing for you… last week was felt like doing videos and I had some sort of writers block and I thought I would stick to videos for a while until my head was clear, in the end, I don´t want to publish a forced post that you probably would´t enjoy. Today Im doing a music post to have a catch up with our musical crushes of the moment. Shall we begin?

As you might now by now, or maybe not, I am so addicted to music. This might be something that a lot of people say, but I simply cannot stop listening to music. My day starts with some uplifting tunes and ends with some more chilled melodies, I even have a playlist to make my creative juices flow while writing and I must confess, I have an instant bliss selection of songs to make me have the right, fun mood to film a video! That being said, I thought it would be cool to share what I´ve been listening to on repeat. 

The Cars are a fun, forever cool rock band from the 80s, I can´t recall my first encounter with their music but I am sure it was way back when I was a child. I kind of forgot about them for a long time until I started watching The Carrie Diaries. All of their songs remind me of my high school years and I guess, back in the 80s a lot of high-schoolers listened to them when they felt fed up, happy, bored, in love… isn´t it funny how the topics in lyrics are timeless?

I have built a small playlist with my favourite songs, these songs, I must warn, might make you wish you were in a John Hughes film or even skip school with Ferris and his pals…

Hope you enjoy this playlist as much as I did whilst choosing the songs. Let me know who´s your current music crush too!