Monday, 22 September 2014


Its been a couple of weeks, almost a month since I purchased this lip balm and with so many posts and videos going on, it took me little while to talk to you about it. Good thing is, I am doing it right now! I´ve been using it almost every morning and night, it is the perfect timE for me to let you know what this little buddy has done for my lips. I spotted a Kiehl´s store on my recent trip to Belfast and I immediately popped into the shop to have a nosey, I´ve read & heard so many good things about the brand that bumping into the store was a very exciting thing!

Perhaps this might be a very common product for any Kiehl´s fans out there, I must confess this is the first time I have tried the brand and I thought it would be good to start with something as simple as lip balm. My lips usually begin to get super dry at this time of the year and Im always looking for whatever moisturises them the best so you can imagine I had a lot of expectations on this lip balm before I even tried it.

It´s meant to temporally protect and soothe dry lips and also aims to shield lips from the drying effects of cold weather. In my own experience, it does help as a temporary shield, its ideal to bring it with you anywhere and it works beautifully as a quick fix to dry lips. I wish I knew about this lip balm when I was studying Video Techniques as we had to wander around and film outdoors most of the time. Imagine standing outside, in the countryside with temperatures below zero. Just imagine how my poor lips felt like at the end of the day! 

It has a gel-like consistence but as soon as it makes contact with the lips, it melts and it is absorbed smoothly. It has a very natural mango scent and I sensed a little hint of refreshing mint on my lips. I really like how silky my lips look after some of the product has been absorbed and specially love how pampering it is without having a thick formula. I wish it was more than a temporary fix as its flavour, consistence and formula are great! Maybe if I look further into more Kiehl´s lip stuff, I might find a moisturising treatment.

Have you tried this product? Would love to know your opinion and also, let me know which Kiehl´s product I should try next!

Kiehl´s #1  Mango scented Lip Balm - Link