Wednesday, 10 September 2014


I´ve been on a Body Shop craze lately haven´t I? Let´s be honest, I am a fan of this brand, have a huge crush on their skin care products and I must say I was slightly unhappy with their make up line but this eyeshadow made me reconsider my opinion.

I bought this little pot of gold on my last The Body Shop Haul and I hesitated a bit while I was in the store but the caramel tone & the subtle pearlescent texture made me want to include this in my shopping bag. I love warm, earthy eye shadows, I like the way they make my eyes look & this one is, I dare to say, the perfect caramel hue I´ve seen yet. It has great pigmentation, blends super easy both with fingertips and brush. It is lovely as part of a "natural look" make up and it adds a subtle but flirty shimmer to a more elaborated look. I´ve wore it with and without eye primer and Im happy to report it stays pretty much the same both ways; I noticed it remained intense for hours with my Paul and Joe primer and it faded very slightly when I wore it on its own, it was a very minimal fade and it didn't smudge at all!

I am so happy with it that I´ve been using it as my daily eye shadow and it passed the "party test" as I wore it recently to the wedding that I talked about in a posts. I think its a great shadow to have as a quick fix to any daily make up and it kinda makes me want to try out The Body Shop´s shimmer cube palette. Who knows, maybe next time I visit my local shop I will try more of their make up products!

Colour Crush eyeshadow by The Body Shop - Link