Wednesday, 27 August 2014


I must confess, I didn't plan to talk about this product but as it turned out to be a great one,  I thought I should tell you about it. I´ve been buying Original Source shower gels for quite a while, I love their lavender & tea tree gel, which has two of my favourite ingredients ever, I also enjoy the freshness that peppermint & tea tree leaves on your skin on a summer day and it is the perfect shower gel to have in the apartment as its unisex… did I mention that you can find it everywhere around the UK?! I just love these gels!

Last time I went grocery shopping I found this new tea tree daily scrub and I thought I would give it a try as I´ve  sun tanning and I needed a new body scrub. It turns out to be amazing, the skin feels smoother after scrubbing it with the tiny natural scrubs (looks like very small coconut bits) and as a tea tree fan, I can only tell you how good it feels after shaving my legs, spending some time in the sun or simply for giving your skin a little boost of hydration.

Its meant to be a daily scrub but I am only using it once a week as it can be a bit harsh on dry, sensitive skin. I find it to be the perfect scrub for a weekly pamper! After visiting their website for this post, I realised there are so many other flavours I haven tried!! I have my eyes on the watermelon & jojoba oil skin quench.. I don't know what skin quench is but I want it.

Have you tried any Original Source products? Let me know on a comment below!