Monday, 25 August 2014


Visiting a different city or town  is always exciting, I love the feeling I get every time the ordinary routine breaks and the only goal for the day is to discover new places, a restaurant with great food or that brand you always wanted to try but didn't have any store in your city. That happen to me last Wednesday when we had a quick trip to Belfast.

The thing with quick trips is, that even if you´ve pre-planed the day, you will always find something else to do and there will always be a spare moment to look around and enjoy the atmosphere… 

I was meant to get my MacBook´s keyboard ( if you go to Facebook or twitter you can see how my keyboard looks now) and sad news is, I cannot do something right now to replace the whole thing!… I guess I will have to get used to write with my new usb £5 keyboard for a while. This tragic news didn´t stop us from having a good time wandering around Victoria Square, searching for a dress to attend a wedding, trying out some burritos and finding out that Kiehl´s has its own shop there!

The weather was good enough to let us walk through the streets and it created a dreamy lighting, perfect to take some pictures. I was so glad it remained that way because, as you can see, I wasn´t prepared to brave the rain, although, this Oxford shoes have saved me from catching a cold a good couple of times. At some point, we reached this narrow alleyway and instantly fell in love with this little spot, which is part of a series of old alleyways in the city centre, dating to at least, 1630 (thank you wikipedia)! I can only imagine how nice it must look when the nights start getting longer, whenever those lights are on and only a small amount of moonlight can reach down.

I was surprised to find the size of Primark´s store; four levels of nothing else but fast fashion. Can you believe that?! And to think after visiting some many shops, I ended up finding my dress here.

After spending an entire day of going in and out of shops, I finally found my dress and came back with extra stuff (as usual), it was a lovely day and I would love to do this all over again. Big thanks to Rio who showed us the city and helped me choose my dress!

Have you ever been to Belfast? and also, Whats your greatest shopping experience? Let me know on a comment below!

Primark Cardigan
Infinity  scarf by me :)
Blouse by Sfera
Primark Jeans
Shoes were bought on a market in Mexico, find similar here