Monday, 11 August 2014


First OOTD in ages!… it feels weird, but here it is, an outfit post from the "marietaalvarez era" (I started this with a different name), over the weekend we had extremely nice weather, loads of sun, a few clouds & fairly warm weather, all sounds so nice but this weather seems to be ideal for mean wasps to come out. While taking a couple of pictures for this post, I had a panic-fuelled moment due to one of these little guys. Gladly I didn´t get stung by it… phew!

Recently, I found this awesome sunglasses in the boys section at Primark, they were just to cool to not get them, it was like love at 1st sight! I´ve been loving this floral trousers throughout the summer and I truly regret not showing you them before. Somehow, as this blog is an extension of myself, I didn´t feel like including outfit posts was the right idea at that time, but as I´ve been rediscovering some things that I truly enjoy and found new stuff that makes me happy, I´ve realised that I shouldn´t be embarrassed of anything I want to share with you (I´ve stopped myself from talking about water balloon fights & bad days sometimes). Hope I am making sense here, and also, I  just realised I´ve turned this post into more than just an OOTD matter.

I started this blog as an extension of my life, a part that was going to re-teach me how to truly enjoy the moment, and the simple things that make me happy and if by sharing all these things , I could make someone smile, not feel alone or even help them discover new things, then all this would be worth it! Throughout the 17 months I´ve been writing these posts, I´ve learned so much, discovered amazing things and found the right voice to express myself. I don´t know if this is a process, maybe other bloggers have experienced this in their early days but up till now, I´ve felt like there´s no other way to continue doing the blog but to remain true to who I am.

I´ve read so many blogs through the years and I´ve noticed there are blogs that only follow trends and blogs that have a lot of soul put into them with a unique not misunderstand me by saying "only follow trends" I mean they go with the mass populous and they lack soul and uniqueness, they are cold and this can be a bit boring (there is absolutely nothing wrong with following the fluffy sandals trend. I want this blog to always fit in the second category; I want everyone to feel the soul & heart put into my blog and I want it to be unique. I feel like I am doing my best to make this happen & it´s very uplifting to get, from time to time, lovely people that send me love & let me know how much they enjoy each post, to all you, please never stop letting me know you are out there, it means the world to me!

The road hasn´t been easy, I have to admit. There are days I feel things could go faster but I am fortunate to have support & encouragement from the ones that I love and I prefer to go slowly and steady. In the end, I´d rather have 42 loyal subscribers that can build a warm & fun family with, than a thousand followers that don´t enjoy the blog… although it would be nice to one day have that little family grow into a thousand, I would  be forever thankful to each and every single one of them.

I want everyone who reads me, to have a good moment every time they read/watch me, I want you to discover or re-discover things that make us happy, whether is a cute jumper, red lipstick, an awesome pair of old jeans, a water balloon fight or rainy afternoons I truly hope every time you visit the blog, it makes you smile.

Thanks to all of you who have joined this community, each of you have my eternal gratitude!

My outfit is all Primark & I got my sandals in Mexico but you can find something similar here.