Friday, 29 August 2014


Another week, a new product to try! This time I tried two of the cute Baby Lips collection my Maybelline, I´ve been so tempted on trying this lip balms that I thought it would be fun to try them for the first time with you. Want to find out my first impressions on them? Watch the video & leave your comments!

Wednesday, 27 August 2014


I must confess, I didn't plan to talk about this product but as it turned out to be a great one,  I thought I should tell you about it. I´ve been buying Original Source shower gels for quite a while, I love their lavender & tea tree gel, which has two of my favourite ingredients ever, I also enjoy the freshness that peppermint & tea tree leaves on your skin on a summer day and it is the perfect shower gel to have in the apartment as its unisex… did I mention that you can find it everywhere around the UK?! I just love these gels!

Last time I went grocery shopping I found this new tea tree daily scrub and I thought I would give it a try as I´ve  sun tanning and I needed a new body scrub. It turns out to be amazing, the skin feels smoother after scrubbing it with the tiny natural scrubs (looks like very small coconut bits) and as a tea tree fan, I can only tell you how good it feels after shaving my legs, spending some time in the sun or simply for giving your skin a little boost of hydration.

Its meant to be a daily scrub but I am only using it once a week as it can be a bit harsh on dry, sensitive skin. I find it to be the perfect scrub for a weekly pamper! After visiting their website for this post, I realised there are so many other flavours I haven tried!! I have my eyes on the watermelon & jojoba oil skin quench.. I don't know what skin quench is but I want it.

Have you tried any Original Source products? Let me know on a comment below!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014


My Belfast posts would´t be complete without a haul, obviously! As I didn't purchase things in one shop only, I thought, it would be fun to do a Belfast Haul anyways, from the dress I wore this weekend to the wedding to a couple of beauty brands I am finally trying for the first time. I apologise for in behalf of my stray hairs… they  have been a problem since forever! hehe

Hope you enjoy the video and don't forget to leave your comments!

Monday, 25 August 2014


Visiting a different city or town  is always exciting, I love the feeling I get every time the ordinary routine breaks and the only goal for the day is to discover new places, a restaurant with great food or that brand you always wanted to try but didn't have any store in your city. That happen to me last Wednesday when we had a quick trip to Belfast.

The thing with quick trips is, that even if you´ve pre-planed the day, you will always find something else to do and there will always be a spare moment to look around and enjoy the atmosphere… 

I was meant to get my MacBook´s keyboard ( if you go to Facebook or twitter you can see how my keyboard looks now) and sad news is, I cannot do something right now to replace the whole thing!… I guess I will have to get used to write with my new usb £5 keyboard for a while. This tragic news didn´t stop us from having a good time wandering around Victoria Square, searching for a dress to attend a wedding, trying out some burritos and finding out that Kiehl´s has its own shop there!

The weather was good enough to let us walk through the streets and it created a dreamy lighting, perfect to take some pictures. I was so glad it remained that way because, as you can see, I wasn´t prepared to brave the rain, although, this Oxford shoes have saved me from catching a cold a good couple of times. At some point, we reached this narrow alleyway and instantly fell in love with this little spot, which is part of a series of old alleyways in the city centre, dating to at least, 1630 (thank you wikipedia)! I can only imagine how nice it must look when the nights start getting longer, whenever those lights are on and only a small amount of moonlight can reach down.

I was surprised to find the size of Primark´s store; four levels of nothing else but fast fashion. Can you believe that?! And to think after visiting some many shops, I ended up finding my dress here.

After spending an entire day of going in and out of shops, I finally found my dress and came back with extra stuff (as usual), it was a lovely day and I would love to do this all over again. Big thanks to Rio who showed us the city and helped me choose my dress!

Have you ever been to Belfast? and also, Whats your greatest shopping experience? Let me know on a comment below!

Primark Cardigan
Infinity  scarf by me :)
Blouse by Sfera
Primark Jeans
Shoes were bought on a market in Mexico, find similar here

Tuesday, 19 August 2014


I think I´ve pointed out how much a dislike moisturising my body so many times that I apologise in advance for pointing it out again, but I really hate it. The stickiness, the greasiness and the few minutes of feeling strange while wearing jeans just after I shaved my legs, applied moisturiser and left the house make me want to think twice and make up a silly excuse to avoid it. I´ve tried different ways to get me to like body moisturisers; nice smell, luxurious & nourishing stuff, basics stuff and the last time I got The Body Shop´s body butter I sort of liked the formula but still, it was to much for me.

By now I can proclaim myself a Body Shop fan, love their products and always get excited when a new thing is coming out and whenever I read they were launching a line of body sorbets this summer I was so looking forward to it but also, I had no idea of what a sorbet was… so after doing a bit of research I ended up craving a mango (edible) sorbet and also, I was extremely excited to try this Moringa (I suppose is non-edible lol) body sorbet.

I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and I really do like it. It has a strange but pleasant consistence (I can only describe it as a fruit purée), it has a lovely, subtle flowery smell and my skin absorbed it super quick and it didn't feel greasy or sticky at all. It left a fresh hydrating sensation and I can only imagine how nice it must be to use this sorbet on a super warm summer day or after sunbathing on the beach!

I´ve read/watched a few reviews of it and all seem to point out this is not ideal for winter or/and dry skin, which worries me a little bit because my skin tends to go dry in winter and I really want to use this as much as I can!! I guess I´ll have to give it a try when the temperature drops and hopefully it´ll still work its magic… if not, I will have to keep searching for a moisturiser that suits me.

Have you tried this body sorbet? Would you give it a try? Let me know your opinion on a comment!

You can buy this Moringa Body Sorbet by The Body Shop here.

Monday, 18 August 2014


I am so happy to share another OOTD with you guys! This time I wore my latest Zara purchase, these super high sandals that I am really loving right now. I didn´t notice my temporary obsession with that staircase rail… I guess it was a reflex to avoid tripping over the wet pavement?… Who knows!

This was the first time I went out and about with them and I muss confess I cheated a little and carried a comfy pair of flats with me. Although I bought them for general purposes, I am sort of getting familiar with them since I will be wearing them for a wedding I´ve been invited to. Hopefully I´ll be walking like a normal person (that wears heels) that day. Do you guys get familiarised with new heels or break them in? Let me know on a comment!

Note: You know that sometimes I like making gifs out of the pictures that I take and this time I made a cute one bout something went wrong with my skin and lips… whoops! :P

Outfit Details:
Cardigan by Topshop, similar here.
Primark Jeans
New Look cami
Sandals by ZARA, similar here.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014


Today we are testing The Body Shop´s Vitamin E Eye Cream! I came across this product the other day (remember recent The Body Shop haul?) and I could´t wait more to test it. I read about it in the past & want it to try it so I thought I would start this video series with it! Hope you guys enjoy the video! Leave your comments & subscribe to the youtube channel!! ;)


Remember when I talked about my 1st impressions on Soap & Glory´s Supercat eyeliner? Well, after my slightly disappointing experience, I was determined to find an eye primer that would improve my not-so-cool oily eyelids. I mean, I really like that eyeliner and I was not going to forget about it knowing that it could have a promising second chance! Right?

As promised, I am about to tell you how this all turned out. I decided on trying this Paul & Joe eye primer, an adventurous decision, I think, given that I have only heard about their products but never purchased any before, until now.

This eye primer blends really well on the skin, leaving a smooth & matte feeling almost instantly. It has a doe foot applicator, which I find really practical (takes a small swipe only for each eye) and it preps your eye area for a better canvas to apply make up. I re-tried the Supercat eyeliner, now with my eye primer on and it looks so much better; my eye shadow blended nicely on the skin & no smudged eyeliner or panda eyes for 6 hours approximately  on a warm day, active day.

Overall, it is a great product, it made a good improvement on my eyelids and it works brilliant with eyeshadows. I just wish it could make my eyeliner stay nice for longer than half a day!

You can find this Paul & Joe Eye Primer here.

Monday, 11 August 2014


First OOTD in ages!… it feels weird, but here it is, an outfit post from the "marietaalvarez era" (I started this with a different name), over the weekend we had extremely nice weather, loads of sun, a few clouds & fairly warm weather, all sounds so nice but this weather seems to be ideal for mean wasps to come out. While taking a couple of pictures for this post, I had a panic-fuelled moment due to one of these little guys. Gladly I didn´t get stung by it… phew!

Recently, I found this awesome sunglasses in the boys section at Primark, they were just to cool to not get them, it was like love at 1st sight! I´ve been loving this floral trousers throughout the summer and I truly regret not showing you them before. Somehow, as this blog is an extension of myself, I didn´t feel like including outfit posts was the right idea at that time, but as I´ve been rediscovering some things that I truly enjoy and found new stuff that makes me happy, I´ve realised that I shouldn´t be embarrassed of anything I want to share with you (I´ve stopped myself from talking about water balloon fights & bad days sometimes). Hope I am making sense here, and also, I  just realised I´ve turned this post into more than just an OOTD matter.

I started this blog as an extension of my life, a part that was going to re-teach me how to truly enjoy the moment, and the simple things that make me happy and if by sharing all these things , I could make someone smile, not feel alone or even help them discover new things, then all this would be worth it! Throughout the 17 months I´ve been writing these posts, I´ve learned so much, discovered amazing things and found the right voice to express myself. I don´t know if this is a process, maybe other bloggers have experienced this in their early days but up till now, I´ve felt like there´s no other way to continue doing the blog but to remain true to who I am.

I´ve read so many blogs through the years and I´ve noticed there are blogs that only follow trends and blogs that have a lot of soul put into them with a unique not misunderstand me by saying "only follow trends" I mean they go with the mass populous and they lack soul and uniqueness, they are cold and this can be a bit boring (there is absolutely nothing wrong with following the fluffy sandals trend. I want this blog to always fit in the second category; I want everyone to feel the soul & heart put into my blog and I want it to be unique. I feel like I am doing my best to make this happen & it´s very uplifting to get, from time to time, lovely people that send me love & let me know how much they enjoy each post, to all you, please never stop letting me know you are out there, it means the world to me!

The road hasn´t been easy, I have to admit. There are days I feel things could go faster but I am fortunate to have support & encouragement from the ones that I love and I prefer to go slowly and steady. In the end, I´d rather have 42 loyal subscribers that can build a warm & fun family with, than a thousand followers that don´t enjoy the blog… although it would be nice to one day have that little family grow into a thousand, I would  be forever thankful to each and every single one of them.

I want everyone who reads me, to have a good moment every time they read/watch me, I want you to discover or re-discover things that make us happy, whether is a cute jumper, red lipstick, an awesome pair of old jeans, a water balloon fight or rainy afternoons I truly hope every time you visit the blog, it makes you smile.

Thanks to all of you who have joined this community, each of you have my eternal gratitude!

My outfit is all Primark & I got my sandals in Mexico but you can find something similar here.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014


After coming back from Mexico with a new haircut (very short in comparison with this) I sort of became obsessed with keeping it nice & under control. For many years (if not forever) I´ve been the girl who happily embraces the messy look, really. If you ask my mom, she´ll tell you how annoying it was to do my hair, she experienced the shaking, crying & arguing so many times that at an early stage in my life she allowed me to fix my hair… this meant forgetting about hairspray, gel or whatever made my hair look very tidy. Hair bobbles became a bad hair staple only & I would try to wear my hair down every single day. That really didn´t change at all, but through the years I´ve had a soft spot for short haircuts and every time I get them, my perfect hair obsession flourishes…

It´s been about 4 months since I cut my hair and I haven´t been to the hair salon since. The reason behind, well, I guess Im trying to decide whether I should keep it short or grow it  back… in the mean time, I am struggling with a hard-to-tame hair that does´t look good when its messy. Now, hair bobbles have teamed up with hair pins, mousse and hairspray!

One of my recent purchases is this amazing L´Oréal spray, I got it in normal strength and it works just fine to help my head look less… chaotic, if we can call it that way. It leaves my hair with a satin effect, it holds well and most important, it really does´t look as if you are wearing tons of it. I use it when I wear a pony tail and it creates a nice wavy look if you apply it just after coming out of the shower (no brush needed). It also keeps my hair super straight all day long and it helps to avoid frizziness when you go out to the rainy streets after straightening your hair.

Overall, I think its a great product, perfect for a messy look, but keeping everything under control!

Buy L Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray here.


As I´ve mentioned on twitterFacebook & Google+ before, I´ve been looking forward to show you the 1st haul ever for the blog and today is the perfect day to do it! I was trying to look for a good excuse to do a haul & over the weekend I went to my local Body Shop to buy a few things (planned to buy 1, ended up with more)… some of the things that I purchased were released recently so you can imagine the level of excitement when I finally got my hands on them.

Cannot wait for you guys to watch the video & let me know your thoughts. Have you used any of the products mentioned? Are you planning on trying some of them? Leave your comments below!

Saturday, 2 August 2014


Hello lovelies! We are officially starting August now and obviously, a monthly favourites had to be filmed in order to show you what I loved, enjoyed and discovered throughout the month of July. I apologise if you were expecting the video yesterday but I had a few technical difficulties that are now fixed.

I am super happy to share you this latest video, hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it and if you have any suggestions on what to include next in the youtube channel please let me know, I am going to start turning the "Lets try this" post into a vlogs so if you have ideas on what beauty product to try next, let me know on a comment!

Have a wonderful August!