Wednesday, 30 July 2014


I meant to make a video for post, I just think it might be fun to film myself trying out products for the first time ever but I totally forgot about it (for that I apologise) and hopefully, next time I buy something random for the sake of experimentation I will make a video for you guys!

This is my first encounter with dry shampoos, I knew about them, know what they are for but never had the need or curiosity to get one myself until now. I´ve been exercising regularly (which is amazing) but I´ve had a bit of a dilemma when it comes to making my hair look fresh after sweating like crazy. I always leave one "day off" between the next time to wash my hair but I simple could not stand the look of my head after 40 minutes of zumba (autocorrect insisted on changing it to rumba) so off I went to get a can off dry shampoo.

Even if I had zero experience with type of shampoos, I sort of knew what I was buying, it had to be Batiste because "everyone here buys it, I see it everywhere and they have tiny cans" but before the moment of my purchase I looked at different brands throughout the internet. Some (cans) looked extremely pretty and some had great reviews but before trying out something like that I thought it would be convenient to try the mainstream stuff (easy peasy)!

I got mine in Sassy and Daring, not really a fan of the name but it was that or other random cheese names… honestly, I shouldn't really care about the name… it has an ok smell, too sweet for my likes but it is a nice smell and it works amazing on my hair. All the ugly shininess disappeared as soon as I brushed my hair, it felt fresh and it looked clean. I also noticed it gives a bit of volume which I would´ve been amazing if I had long hair. 

It is a good product, with great value and it is actually better than I expected!

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