Wednesday, 30 July 2014


I meant to make a video for post, I just think it might be fun to film myself trying out products for the first time ever but I totally forgot about it (for that I apologise) and hopefully, next time I buy something random for the sake of experimentation I will make a video for you guys!

This is my first encounter with dry shampoos, I knew about them, know what they are for but never had the need or curiosity to get one myself until now. I´ve been exercising regularly (which is amazing) but I´ve had a bit of a dilemma when it comes to making my hair look fresh after sweating like crazy. I always leave one "day off" between the next time to wash my hair but I simple could not stand the look of my head after 40 minutes of zumba (autocorrect insisted on changing it to rumba) so off I went to get a can off dry shampoo.

Even if I had zero experience with type of shampoos, I sort of knew what I was buying, it had to be Batiste because "everyone here buys it, I see it everywhere and they have tiny cans" but before the moment of my purchase I looked at different brands throughout the internet. Some (cans) looked extremely pretty and some had great reviews but before trying out something like that I thought it would be convenient to try the mainstream stuff (easy peasy)!

I got mine in Sassy and Daring, not really a fan of the name but it was that or other random cheese names… honestly, I shouldn't really care about the name… it has an ok smell, too sweet for my likes but it is a nice smell and it works amazing on my hair. All the ugly shininess disappeared as soon as I brushed my hair, it felt fresh and it looked clean. I also noticed it gives a bit of volume which I would´ve been amazing if I had long hair. 

It is a good product, with great value and it is actually better than I expected!

Wednesday, 16 July 2014


Never too late for a quick outfit post  right?
Today I am wearing three of my favourite things… my laced top & pointy flats from New Look and H&M leather trim trousers.

Hope you are all having an awesome Wednesday!


Friday, 11 July 2014

Let´s try this!... Supercat Soap & Glory Eyeliner

There are many things in a girl´s life that can be somehow annoying, one of them, without a doubt is whenever her favourite beauty product is discontinued. Something similar happened to me with my favourite eyeliner, which I could never find again and since then, I´ve been in the constant search for the next brand that will make me & my eyelids happy.
I´ve only tried two types of eye liners, liquids and pencils... both are great but I find the liquid, marker-like ones more suitable to my make up routine. This doesn´t mean I do not like pencils, in fact I own a couple but I just don´t use them as much!

Recently, I purchased this Supercat liquid eyeliner by Soap & Glory and to be honest, I expected more from it. It has a great colour, super dark, very intense but it takes ages to dry and even once its ready the dry effect doesn´t last longer than two hours. This means that after a while, my face goes from cat eye look to depressed panda chic... if there´s any chic in it.

Now, I must say, that I do not wear eye primer and in fact, I didn´t know that I needed one until I found out that my eye lids appear to be part of the oily kind (this explains a looooot) so now I am in the search for a good eye primer and once I find it I will retry this eye liner. This might feel as if this post is sort of incomplete but I think it would be cool to have a  second part of this "beauty experiment" and see how it turns out!

I guess by now I can only tell you, that its overall a good product, with great pigmentation but you must wear an eye primer to use it. If you´ve tried it before I would love to know your thoughts on it. Leave your comments!


Hay varias cosas en la vida de una chica que pueden llegar a ser odiosas, una de ellas sin duda alguna es, cuando su producto de belleza favorito es discontinuado. Algo muy similar me pasó con mi delineador favorito, el cual no pude encontrar otra vez y desde ese momento, he estado en búsqueda constante de la próxima marca que nos haga feliz a mi y mis párpados. Solo he probado dos tipos de delineadores, líquidos y lápices… ambos son buenos pero el liquido, con apariencia de marcador parece ser el más adecuado para mi rutina de maquillaje. Esto no significa que no me gusten los lápices, de hecho tengo unos cuantos pero simplemente no los uso seguido!

Recientemente compré este delineador liquido de Soap & Glory y para ser honesta, esperaba mucho mas de el. Tiene un estupendo color, súper oscuro, muy intenso pero tarda mucho en secar e incluso cuando ya esta listo, el efecto no dura mucho mas de dos horas. Después de un rato, mi cara pasa de cat-eye look a panda en depresión…

Debo agregar que no uso primer para ojos, de hecho, no sabía que necesitaba uno hasta que encontré que mis párpados, al parecer tienden a ser grasos (esto explica muuuuchas cosas) así que ahora estoy en la búsqueda de un buen primer para ojos y enciento lo encuentre, definitivamente volveré a probar este delineador. Esto me hace sentir como si el post estuviera incompleto pero pienso que estaróa bueno tener una segunda parte de este "experimento de belleza" y ver que tal resulta!

Supongo que por ahora solo te puedo decir que en general es un buen producto con buena pigmentación pero se debe usar con primer para ojos. Si ya lo has probado antes, me gustaría saber tu opinión acerca de el. Deja tus comentarios!

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Outfit of the Day!

Can´t even remember when was the last time I had an OOTD post! Been a looong time I guess… but today I am wearing something worthy of been shared. My late 80´s early 90´s vintage jacket, which I got ages ago while doing some vintage hunting. This is officially the 1st time I properly wear it (by this I mean actually leaving the house and stuff) and it is actually growing on me. Who knows maybe this might be my favourite jacket from now on!


No recuerdo cuando fue la ultima vez que subí un post de OOTD! Supongo que fue hace mucho tiempo… pero el día de hoy visto algo que vale la pena compartir. Mi chaqueta vintage, la cuál compré hace un buen cuando fui de cacería vintage. Esta es, oficialmente, la primera vez que la uso (todo el día y a todos lados) y siento que me gusta más y más. Quien sabe y esta pudiera ser mi nueva chaqueta favorita!

Friday, 4 July 2014

Vlog // June Favourites!

Another month has finalised... Can you believe it? I feel like the year has gone by so fast!
I had the opportunity to make another video blog to show you all my favourites from June, hope you enjoy it as much as I did recording it. Don´t gorget to leave your comments and suggestions for new stuff to write about on the blog and to make more videos!

Watch the video here:

Have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Has the digital frontier gone too far?

"Facebook has taken over people´s lives".... "I spend too much time on Facebook"... "there´s nothing but gossip on Facebook"... I bet you´ve heard any of these sentences more than once, but have any of these crossed your mind once?

I´ve been off my personal FB account for three weeks or so, not a big deal really, and I don´t miss all that buzz in the slightest. In fact, my time invested in procrastination has been reduced significantly. I use to hear people telling me a bunch of reasons why this social network has turned into a potential time waster and I would just stare at them thinking to myself "this guy is out of his mind! you can stay in touch with people and stay closer!" and so many other things trying to defend my beloved site.

After realising I was spending so much time dithering, and how much pressure I would put on myself to get things done before the day ended I seriously thought about finding the reason of my lack of productivity. Turns out, I spent so much time looking through profiles, pictures and statuses; getting angry about a certain post and wondering if my pals loved me any less due to the very few likes, comments & private messages I would get from them... how silly does this sound? no?

Well, I don´t blame Facebook completely for this, part of that blame is mine and I don´t hate FB either, in fact, I find it useful when it comes to promoting my blog or any business, but have we become some kind of morbid specie that prefers to observe rather than having direct, one on one interaction with another human being?

I didn´t ask myself this question until today, while I was opening my Spotify to have some cool playlist playing while organising my day, I realised Facebook got reactivated by me opening Spotify (suspense music in the background)... so I went to my profile, reached the deactivation page and then thought to myself "why not having a harmless nosy, and see what I´ve been missing?"... well, it seems that people have missed my profile and my updates, but it was surprising to read that they actually wondered where I was, but they assumed I deleted them or "blocked" them. Thats it, no sign of an attempt to contact me directly or nothing, just a random conversation that appear on my news feed, have I received a call, message, tweet or smoke sign? No.

My "Im better off Facebook" mood was a bit shaken by that realisation, and right now, I feel even happier of staying off it, but it makes me wonder,  have we virtualised ourselves so much that when someone decides to delete any social network account, we take it as direct insult on us or even worse, we think they are making a strong statement of them deleting themselves from existence?


"Facebook se ha adueñado de la vida de la gente"… "Paso mucho tiempo en Facebook"… "solo hay puro chisme en Facebook"… apuesto a que has escuchado cualquiera de estas frases más de una vez pero, acaso alguna vez han cruzado por tu mente?

Tengo ya tres semanas o más de haber suspendido mi cuenta personal de FB, no es la gran noticia en realidad, y tampoco la extraño en lo mínimo. De hecho, el tiempo que invierto en procrastinar se ha reducido significativamente. Cuando llegaba a escuchar gente que me decía un montón de razones por las cuales esta red social se ha convertido en un desperdicio de tiempo, solo los veía y pensaba dentro de mi " estas loco! te puedes comunicar y estar en contacto con la gente!" y algunas otras cosas más tratando de defender mi adorado sitio.

Después de darme cuenta de todo el tiempo que desperdiciaba y cuanta presión me ponía a mi misma para hacer todo lo que tenia planeado para el día antes de que este terminara, pensé seriamente en encontrar la razón de mi falta de productividad. Resulta que pasaba demasiado tiempo paseando por perfiles, fotos y actualizaciones; enojada por ciertas publicaciones y poniendo en duda el cariño de mis conocidos dependiendo de cuan muchos o pocos "me gusta", comentarios  mensajes privados me llegaban de ellos… que torpe suena esto, no?

Bueno, no culpo a Facebook completamente por esto, parte de la culpa recae en mi y tampoco odio FB, de hecho, lo encuentro muy útil cuando se trata de promover mi blog o cualquier negocio, pero, acaso nos hemos convertido en una especie mórbida que prefiere observar en lugar de tener interacción directa, cara a cara con otro ser humano?

No se me había ocurrido tal cuestión hasta hoy, mientras habría mi Spotify para tener música guay mientras organizaba mi día, me di cuenta que Facebook se había reactivado por abrir Spotify (música de suspenso en el fondo)… así que procedí a ir a mi cuenta y volver a desactivarla cuando pensé "por que no hacer una visita súper rápida y ver de lo que me he perdido?"… pues parece que unos cuantos notaron la ausencia de mi perfil y mis actualizaciones, pero fue sorprendente leer que se preguntaban genuinamente en donde estaba yo, pero asumían que los había eliminado o "bloqueado". Solo así, ninguna señal de intentos de comunicarse directamente conmigo ni nada, solo una conversación casual que apareció en mi news feed, acaso he recibido una llamada, mensaje, tweet o señal de humo? No.

Mi actitud de "estoy mejor sin Facebook" se sacudió un poquito con esta revelación, y ahora, me siento mucho más contenta alejada de el, pero me hace dudar; acaso nos hemos virtualizado tanto que cuando alguien decide borrar alguna de sus cuentas en redes sociales, lo tomamos como un insulto dirigido hacia nosotros o aun peor, creemos que están haciendo una fuerte declaración y se están borrando ellos mismos del planeta?