Monday, 31 March 2014

March Favourites!

Don´t know if you realised but I missed February Favourites, it was a really short month and there was a lot going on, unfortunately there can be loads of things going through my mind and if I don´t write down what I have to do I´ll just forget about it (silly me)... this time I didn´t let it pass! 

March is gone, almost, and with its departure all the favourites from it come to mind!
Between our favourites, there is a pair of distressed jeans, a bubble-gum-cute(I hope this term already exists, if not Im calling it mine!) baseball jacket (not just a regular jacket, its a Lagerfeld) and the enigmatic manta clutch. This time each piece was able to connect & build a really chic outfit, sometimes we have three pairs of shoes and 2 different tops but now it seems that our minds were synchronised to pick the ultimate Spring outfit.

Which are your March style finds?

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