Monday, 17 March 2014

A beauty cult-classic

Sometimes is great to try out new beauty products; a new perfume, maybe a new palette of eye shadows, etc. The excitement of using a new brand is almost as good as when I used make up for the very first time... that is the way I felt when I decided to give my beloved mascara a break and use a different one on my daily routine instead. I must tell you, that after a long search for THE perfect mascara for my not-so-perfect eye lashes I found a best ally on Maybelline´s Great Lash. So why would I swap my long time beauty friend for a fairly recent formula from a completely different brand?

Well, mainly, I did it because I trusted the brand. I am a big fan of their skin care products and I thought "if they are incredibly good with skin care, their make up line should be good too". Unfortunately, the new mascara didn´t meet my expectations.... at all! Super liquid formula, took ages to dry and the brush was too thin... I had lumps on my eyelashes and after a while, I managed to master the quantity and way to apply the mascara.

I needed my old mascara and I needed it quick.... as soon as I got it, I felt like the first time I bought it, excited but relieved at the same time. Although Im always up to trying new things for the blog, I felt like I couldn´t try any other product of that brand´s beauty line. Too much of a drastic choice but maybe, anytime in the future I might reconsider it!

Enough complaining, now lets talk about this beauty cult-classic!... I wouldn´t like to assume that everyone is familiar with it (I still remember staring at older girls talking about cosmetics with no idea about must of the stuff) but it has been out for so long that I bet your mom, sisters or aunts have tried it at least once. What I really love about it is the smooth consistence, not to thick but not to liquid, the intense colour and the time it takes to dry. Not too fast but quick enough to build a little extra length on the lashes or to be ready in a matter of minutes on a busy day.

One lesson I´ve learned in my experience with make up is that quality is more important than quantity or price and this little friend meets this aspects. A great mascara to get next time if you haven´t tried it yet!

Which is your favourite beauty cult-classic?

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