Monday, 20 January 2014

Fruity Wake up Call!

I have been meaning to try Soap & Glory products for a long time, I know, they are pretty much in any beauty section on any drug store all over the UK but it was one of those situations in which you want to try something, every time you see it you remember you want it but maybe you´ll do it next time!

Well, someone must read my mind and got me this fruity scented box as a Holiday gift. Each product from the Bright and Bubbly gift set smells lovely, ultra fruity and fresh; a good complement to your morning wake up shower. Starting with a rich and bubbly shower foam followed by the effective but gentle Pulp Friction scrub (Tarantino fans will get the pun). After all that cleaning and scrubbing, the butter leaves the skin smooth and moisturised without the greasy feeling some body butters leave. Why didn´t I try this brand sooner? haha 

Thank you for the beauty treat Bronagh!

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