Friday, 29 November 2013

The Shopper Bag...

I´ve been intending to show you my new bag (which Im loving) for a while but a few other posts got on the way. My old shopper bag got broken and I was in the real urge to get a new bag. Besides the other few bags that I have, a big bag has a very important function in my life once I leave the apartment.

My handbag collection is formed by two groups, a wide group of small bags of different colours, patterns, textures etc. And the second group is conformed by one or two big bags that will keep me company every time I go out to the streets, college and else. Unfortunately the first group barely sees the sunlight due to their reduced size… they are more likely to be with me at any night event. I know clutches are perfect for those occasions and trust me, I´ve tried to get myself to use them but I feel strange not to bring the basic stuff I would carry usually (pretty much a lot of things)…

A good shopper bag is the one that can carry all the bunch of what-nots that a woman like me must have at any time, it has to be big enough to at least, have my camera, a notebook and my wallet…  oh! and my make up bag too!…  This bag from H&M has it all.

Whether is for this season´s shopping or for practical functionality like mine, what does your perfect shopper bag looks like?


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