Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Sometimes… simple works better!

I like to think face moisturisers are a very delicate topic to talk about. When it comes to keeping your skin healthy and flawless it takes more than just reading which product is the most popular or asking what other friends use… I mean, yeah, it is of great help to have a few options but even if the pretty packaging swears its content was designed for your skin, your skin itself may not think the same.

So today, when I ran out of my favourite moisturiser I thought "maybe it is time to buy a different one for a change!" and I went searching on what was good for me and then… there I was, a full aisle for facial care with all these pretty looking bottles and containers, until I reached the place I was looking for, the face creams stand!

My adventure didn´t take too long, well, maybe twenty minutes reading, comparing brands and there it was, my cheap, simple Nivea Cream, almost staring at me (I know, this sounds a bit crazy) while I kept looking at all this stuff and then I said to myself & to my friend who kindly waited for me with patience… "I might just stick to what I know for now"… and grabbed my blue, simple moisturiser that I´ve been using for years. Where did the adventurous spirit go?!

I just had to write about this, I have bought different things from what I usually wear or use,  just to have a change but I was not able to change my moisturiser, a simple, almost invisible moisturiser.

Sometimes simple works better for me, I hesitated on betraying my skin care routine by acquiring something new, simply because I tried so many other products until I realised the answer for a happy skin was always there, in the cabinet on my parents bathroom, as strange and boring it might sound, there it was and it has been my loyal friend so why would I replace it?

If given the choice, would you change your trusted moisturiser for a brand new promising one? Or would you stick to what you know and keep things simple?

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