Friday, 22 November 2013

Eye Shadows

Eye Shadow Duo by Topshop

Eye shadows. The sparkly, colourful, chameleonic and wide ranging world of eye shadows can be overwhelming sometimes. Right? And it only gets bigger and bigger!… probably growing along with the expandable range of Pantone hues. Some make up geeks will remember the 2012 collaboration between Sephora & Pantone… can it get bigger than that?! Unless you are a make up pro, a model or have a huuuge passion for this art (it is definitely an art form) you probably haven´t used more than 10 different shades, think a bout it and tell me, are you familiar with at least a dozen of these shadows? 

Ok, we might have to take it a bit slower, let´s start by inspecting our eye make up collection. Take a look; from all of them, which are the most used? and which haven´t even been touched? Being honest, I was a bit surprised by this paletted  revelation, I mean, as a member of the olive complexion team, I know warm tones are always a wise option. But I was unfamiliar with the usage of my make up, until I ran out of my two top-pick colours. That day, when I was conducting my morning routine (I eat breakfast while checking my emails while getting ready to leave the house, but that is another story), the unexpectable happened; after digging and digging again I just could´t get any descent amount of powder from my dearest golden shade. How didn´t I noticed this incident? and another question in mind was, which was going to be my next eye shadow?

The search was not as extensive as I thought, I have heard & read too many wonderful things about Topshop´s make up range that I had to give it a try, plus their eye shadow duos have been flirting with me for quite a while. 

My purchase ended up being even better than my old shadows; a very smooth, velvety finish that feels and looks very light but the pigment on this little friend is incredibly good! As a non-expert in this area, it took me years of understanding the rules on make up and even now, I try to stay in known territory when applying make up. This is why a went for a very similar tone.

Let me know your finds after doing the eye make-up inspection and also, which are your favourite shades?

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