Friday, 29 November 2013

The Shopper Bag...

I´ve been intending to show you my new bag (which Im loving) for a while but a few other posts got on the way. My old shopper bag got broken and I was in the real urge to get a new bag. Besides the other few bags that I have, a big bag has a very important function in my life once I leave the apartment.

My handbag collection is formed by two groups, a wide group of small bags of different colours, patterns, textures etc. And the second group is conformed by one or two big bags that will keep me company every time I go out to the streets, college and else. Unfortunately the first group barely sees the sunlight due to their reduced size… they are more likely to be with me at any night event. I know clutches are perfect for those occasions and trust me, I´ve tried to get myself to use them but I feel strange not to bring the basic stuff I would carry usually (pretty much a lot of things)…

A good shopper bag is the one that can carry all the bunch of what-nots that a woman like me must have at any time, it has to be big enough to at least, have my camera, a notebook and my wallet…  oh! and my make up bag too!…  This bag from H&M has it all.

Whether is for this season´s shopping or for practical functionality like mine, what does your perfect shopper bag looks like?


Friday, 22 November 2013

Eye Shadows

Eye Shadow Duo by Topshop

Eye shadows. The sparkly, colourful, chameleonic and wide ranging world of eye shadows can be overwhelming sometimes. Right? And it only gets bigger and bigger!… probably growing along with the expandable range of Pantone hues. Some make up geeks will remember the 2012 collaboration between Sephora & Pantone… can it get bigger than that?! Unless you are a make up pro, a model or have a huuuge passion for this art (it is definitely an art form) you probably haven´t used more than 10 different shades, think a bout it and tell me, are you familiar with at least a dozen of these shadows? 

Ok, we might have to take it a bit slower, let´s start by inspecting our eye make up collection. Take a look; from all of them, which are the most used? and which haven´t even been touched? Being honest, I was a bit surprised by this paletted  revelation, I mean, as a member of the olive complexion team, I know warm tones are always a wise option. But I was unfamiliar with the usage of my make up, until I ran out of my two top-pick colours. That day, when I was conducting my morning routine (I eat breakfast while checking my emails while getting ready to leave the house, but that is another story), the unexpectable happened; after digging and digging again I just could´t get any descent amount of powder from my dearest golden shade. How didn´t I noticed this incident? and another question in mind was, which was going to be my next eye shadow?

The search was not as extensive as I thought, I have heard & read too many wonderful things about Topshop´s make up range that I had to give it a try, plus their eye shadow duos have been flirting with me for quite a while. 

My purchase ended up being even better than my old shadows; a very smooth, velvety finish that feels and looks very light but the pigment on this little friend is incredibly good! As a non-expert in this area, it took me years of understanding the rules on make up and even now, I try to stay in known territory when applying make up. This is why a went for a very similar tone.

Let me know your finds after doing the eye make-up inspection and also, which are your favourite shades?

Sending you all a big hug and also, don´t forget to subscribe to the blog via Bloglovin or by adding it to your Blogger reading list. Have a great weekend! :)


Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Winter Survival Wardrobe

Find each piece at my Sartorial Cravings board on Pinterest.

Fashion seasons and weather seasons have been in dispute forever, at least in my life they seem to be. While living in Mexico, neither Autumn or Winter wanted to make a solid appearance it seemed, and they didn´t feel like owning the place for their full term they are meant to last. One day I would leave the house wrapped up in a cozy jumper and a pair of boots and by the afternoon I would be carrying the jumper and seriously thinking of ditching the boots too. Due to these circumstances, I really never had a winter survival wardrobe simply because I didn´t need one but it all changed when I moved up to the north of Ireland.

A year ago, I wasn´t very wise enough to know how much my wardrobe needed to change for the cold upcoming months. When the time to do some shopping arrived, I purchased lovely looking jumpers, a pair of wintery looking boots and a cute blazer coat. Not  too bad as it sounds but, when November and its "mild" weather showed up, I was shivering and almost could´t move… so when I was outside, on those long days filming with my classmates, standing for hours (we had tea breaks too and they where glorious) holding a microphone or checking up on the camera were difficult tasks for my frozen hands.. you can almost imagine how I looked… and the worst, this was only the mild cold but it was hell for me or maybe not hell, we could better describe it as Narnia under the White Witch´s reign. How could I possibly survived those months? Buying more clothes you might answer and yes I did buy a few more chunky practical pieces but in the real world a girl can´t buy the entire section of jumpers on Topshop, or can she?…

So here I am again, November and I am prepared, warmed up & not scared of what will come in the next few months. I do have to say, the human body amuses me. Our bodies learn and never forget (if it could only be the same emotionally). I can surely say, physically I feel more adapt to the cold, I mean, it´s November right now and I can leave the apartment with a thin jumper, a pair of flats and a coat without freezing! But, even though my body has strengthened against the low temperatures, I have prepared myself with the right things to wear when the streets turn into ice. And a pair of UGG´s is definitely not on my list this year (meaning no offence at all).

From what I´ve learned, a good Winter survival wardrobe consists on what ever makes you feel comfortable and suits your own style obviously, but most importantly we need to learn how to layer up including style and comfort and the best thing is, we have so many options to wear every year and that is fantastic but always be wise on what you wear according to were you are. While I was writing this post, I asked some of my friends from different parts of the world to tell me how do their wardrobe varies as the coldest season of the year arrives.

Cezi, Ags, Mexico. (Winter low, -1 C)
My wardrobe doesn´t have a radical change when winter comes.  I forget about sleeveless shirts, summery flats, shorts & skirts for a while as jackets, blazers, boots and jeans are welcome into my everyday routine.Something that never misses place in my wardrobe wether is Spring, Summer or Winter are my Converse. On these cold days, my ideal outfit consists of jeans, a dark blouse with 3/4 sleeves, a very cozy blazer, scarf, a cute hat and of course, my Converse. I do try to leave the heels for special occasions only… I just couldn´t survive winter without my Converse!

Galia, Florida, US. (Winter low, 4 C)
How much does your wardrobe changes from summer to winter?
Not much since I live in Florida.

What is a must on your winter wardrobe?
A jacket and closed shoes!

What does your perfect outfit consists of on a cold day?
Boots, jeans. Long sleeved shirt, my green scarf, and my leather jacket.. Oh and a headband.. The thick ones that are super cute.

Joanna, Derry, Ireland. (Winter low, -7 C)
My winter wardrobe gets a lot heavier. Comfort and warmth take priority over fashion to be honest. Knitwear is a must for me , I love wool jumpers. My perfect outfit would be a cream knit jumper, leather coat with fur collar and skinny jeans with winter converse or boots.

After learning by experience, I can say my wardrobe changes a lot too. Although my adored jeans stay through the seasons, I do include jumpers and cardigans on my outfits and this year I am trying to add a little bit of colour (don´t forget I am devoted to sober hues). Boots are a must every year and now that the biker boots are back I could´t resist to get myself a pair… oh and they are incredibly good to walk through heavy rain and hopefully they join me on a walk through the snow… if it snows this year.

Do any of these girls share similar ideas when it comes to staying warm during Winter? and also, which is your ideal outfit for the season?

PS: Thank you to Galia, Joanna and Cezi for sharing their Winter Wardobes with us!

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Sometimes… simple works better!

I like to think face moisturisers are a very delicate topic to talk about. When it comes to keeping your skin healthy and flawless it takes more than just reading which product is the most popular or asking what other friends use… I mean, yeah, it is of great help to have a few options but even if the pretty packaging swears its content was designed for your skin, your skin itself may not think the same.

So today, when I ran out of my favourite moisturiser I thought "maybe it is time to buy a different one for a change!" and I went searching on what was good for me and then… there I was, a full aisle for facial care with all these pretty looking bottles and containers, until I reached the place I was looking for, the face creams stand!

My adventure didn´t take too long, well, maybe twenty minutes reading, comparing brands and there it was, my cheap, simple Nivea Cream, almost staring at me (I know, this sounds a bit crazy) while I kept looking at all this stuff and then I said to myself & to my friend who kindly waited for me with patience… "I might just stick to what I know for now"… and grabbed my blue, simple moisturiser that I´ve been using for years. Where did the adventurous spirit go?!

I just had to write about this, I have bought different things from what I usually wear or use,  just to have a change but I was not able to change my moisturiser, a simple, almost invisible moisturiser.

Sometimes simple works better for me, I hesitated on betraying my skin care routine by acquiring something new, simply because I tried so many other products until I realised the answer for a happy skin was always there, in the cabinet on my parents bathroom, as strange and boring it might sound, there it was and it has been my loyal friend so why would I replace it?

If given the choice, would you change your trusted moisturiser for a brand new promising one? Or would you stick to what you know and keep things simple?