Thursday, 24 October 2013

Embracing the Halloween spirit?

I am embracing the Halloween spirit this year, by this I mean,  I will dress up, as it is super popular in this part of the world. Usually in my home city we have the "Dia de los muertos" (day of the day) which has some Halloween elements but is originally more about the mexican folklore on sugar skulls, perforated paper with images of the Catrina, parades and well, although there are loads of Halloween themed parties too, I wasn´t really into this until I came here.

But to be honest, I haven´t decided on a costume yet and I really don´t have any clue on what to do except for one thing; I want my nails to look cute and orange, probably something cooler than just plain orange. I found this super orange nail polish by Collection 2000 and it seems to have a really consistent formula as I only needed one layer to have a fairly strong orate tone on my nails. So if you are thinking about revamping your nails for Halloween and orange is on your mind, here´s a good nail polish to look for!


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