Wednesday, 30 October 2013

My new favourite everyday earrings...

We have perfume for special occasions, we have perfume for everyday life and I think many of you also apply the same rule when it comes to jewellery. 

Ok, you can tell me if I am wrong on this, but its a fact that every girl has  jewellery which is designated to have a heavy duty; to join her everyday at work, school, the office, shopping, all most everywhere... and as if the previous tasks weren't enough, their practical life has the always existing possibility that one day they might end up getting lost but there is nothing to worry about, they were assigned to be heavy duty tools so we barely have any sentimental attachments to them. 

Even if this jewellery goes everywhere with us it doesn´t mean it isn't as special and pretty as the statement pieces  we keep  for those moments when looking amazing is a must. So whenever we loose them we forget about the "no sentimental attachments" rule and we get a bit upset because "they were my favourites!".

Well, I have tons of those "everyday" earrings, or at least I had because for some reason, (mostly my fault), I loose one or the pair... so this time, when I went to get more earrings I had to seriously made a promise to myself and try to take care of this new earrings. I mean, at some point I will have to upgrade my earrings collection, right?

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Embracing the Halloween spirit?

I am embracing the Halloween spirit this year, by this I mean,  I will dress up, as it is super popular in this part of the world. Usually in my home city we have the "Dia de los muertos" (day of the day) which has some Halloween elements but is originally more about the mexican folklore on sugar skulls, perforated paper with images of the Catrina, parades and well, although there are loads of Halloween themed parties too, I wasn´t really into this until I came here.

But to be honest, I haven´t decided on a costume yet and I really don´t have any clue on what to do except for one thing; I want my nails to look cute and orange, probably something cooler than just plain orange. I found this super orange nail polish by Collection 2000 and it seems to have a really consistent formula as I only needed one layer to have a fairly strong orate tone on my nails. So if you are thinking about revamping your nails for Halloween and orange is on your mind, here´s a good nail polish to look for!


Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Paris Nostalgia

I went through a pile of pictures not that long ago and  found some from a trip I did almost three years ago (I am not very good with dates sometimes) with my friend Eduardo. I felt so excited & nostalgic at the same time looking at all those pictures (not very proud of the quality but hey, they were taking with my phone!).

I can´t believe its been so long since I visited Paris for the first time, such a beautiful city with all those magnificent buildings, delightful food and its streets full of style!

I cannot wait until the next chance I get to be there again and having loads of fun (and pretty pictures) with my DSLR.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

September Favourites

September Favourites

T-shirt Karl Lagerfeld / Vintage Flower Cardigan Afra / Lace up booties Boutique 9 / Shoulder Bag Orla Kiely  Half Moon Glasses Le Specs / Narrow Jeans Cheap Monday

I cannot believe how fast this year has past. One day you wake up, flowers are blooming and the next day, the leaves start falling from the trees! I might be overreacting a little bit but you get the point. Autumn is here already and September has come to its end which only means its time for me to choose my favourites (and start thinking on a good birthday present for my mom).

For this post I came up with a very chilled, effortless outfit. One of those that you would wear on an off-duty day, to go to the cinema or for a cup of coffee perhaps. You might have noticed by now, this outfits are my favourites. Definitely!

You may have seen some of these pieces all through the month on the Loving It section and I will take a guess, maybe any of them is your favourite too (no one can resist those amazing camel booties or the stylish Lagerfeld cat). If you can´t see any of your favourites on the picture above, well let me know on a comment below which were your favourites this month.

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