Saturday, 21 September 2013

A day for beautiful dreams..

Preferably read along with: Jukebox the Ghost - Good Day 

Once again, like any other year I had the fortune to wake up on the 18th & let the day take care of itself, because its my birthday!

Just a few days before I was facing the tricky thoughts a human mind can process, realising that I was no longer that teenager who claimed to be carefree but was always overly concerned about things that had an easy solution. Although I am not that far away from my teenage days, its amusing  to think that I am not that far from the quarter of my life either. 

My twenties have been so far, full of changes, new people, new experiences and a bunch of exiting things had happened too. I can gladly say that I´ve accomplished a good bunch of goals I have and it all keeps coming together, slowly but surely! 

I really enjoyed myself this year, its always hard not to be close to my great friends and family in Mexico but I had a wonderful day with the my other half and thrill be joined by a nice company.

And also, I was spoilt with my some of favourite things in life; cupcakes, a good coffee and a bit of sunshine. 

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