Saturday, 21 September 2013

A day for beautiful dreams..

Preferably read along with: Jukebox the Ghost - Good Day 

Once again, like any other year I had the fortune to wake up on the 18th & let the day take care of itself, because its my birthday!

Just a few days before I was facing the tricky thoughts a human mind can process, realising that I was no longer that teenager who claimed to be carefree but was always overly concerned about things that had an easy solution. Although I am not that far away from my teenage days, its amusing  to think that I am not that far from the quarter of my life either. 

My twenties have been so far, full of changes, new people, new experiences and a bunch of exiting things had happened too. I can gladly say that I´ve accomplished a good bunch of goals I have and it all keeps coming together, slowly but surely! 

I really enjoyed myself this year, its always hard not to be close to my great friends and family in Mexico but I had a wonderful day with the my other half and thrill be joined by a nice company.

And also, I was spoilt with my some of favourite things in life; cupcakes, a good coffee and a bit of sunshine. 

Friday, 20 September 2013

Make Up Academy 2013 New Blusher Shades

Another MUA product worth giving a try, this blusher is part of the Make Up Academy´s new blusher shades. It blends really well along with your foundation which makes your pretty cheeks look naturally blushed and it stays flawless for about half a day. As you can see, it comes on a very practical yet stylish simple container!

This line of blushers has four different shades to choose from, each of them have really sweet names that perfectly describe the warmth of each tone; the one on the pictures above is called Cupcake and the rest are Candyfloss  Lolly and Marshmallow.

You can visit MUA´s online shop here or you can find this cute blusher here too.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

MUA´s Hide & Conceal

I always try to keep it natural when it comes to make up but I do think that using a concealer as part of your routine is a must, simply because it gives a fresh look to your eyes. So after my satisfying experience trying out MUA´s nail polish I though I should give it a go with other products of the same brand, that and also I ran out of concealer so I needed to buy more.

This one is part of the  £1 range and it comes as a stick, which I think is more practical and easer to use. It blends quite well with your skin, I applied it with my finger tips because it warms up and blends so much better and it does make your eyes look fresh and it adds a natural glow. You also have to apply a generous amount to have better coverage but it is a good product in general.

The stick on the pictures is in a Natural tone but theres also too more tones you can choose from, Almond & Fair. You can find them here.

Friday, 6 September 2013

MUA Nail Polish

I was introduced to this brand thanks to an amazing beauty blog that I recently started reading and honestly, I didn´t have very high expectations due to how economic their range is (£1 only). It turns out, the formula on MUA nail polishes is good, it only took 2 coats to have a uniform, shinny result, it doesn´t feel watery as some lacquer of the same price usually are and it dries very quick, 10-15 minutes only. 

All their £1 range products have a nice presentation too (for the ones who are obsessed with pretty packaging) and they just look like any other beauty professional brand. Ideal if you are trying to make the best of your beauty budget.

You can find the Stormy Skies shade here and more shades in this link too.