Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Summer postcards

Today was such a lovely day here, the day has been brighten by the sun and finally, everyone has a good reason to get away from the layered outfits. It is clear now that Spring simply just skipped Ireland and Summer has decided to land. 

For the last couple of days I´ve tried to adopt the habit of walking for one hour a day and I actually enjoy doing it. In the past years I´ve tried to adopt a fitness routine without success due to the lac of commitment, I usually get bored of doing the same exercises over and over again, but it seems that I finally found the best way to do some exercise. Walking through a pad way near the river can be the most relaxing moment and also quite inspiring as I found this nice spot to take pictures and I thought today could be the perfect day to take some snaps and post some summer photos for you!

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