Wednesday, 22 May 2013

New Specs

Liste to: The Love Language - Calm Down

After a long time without glasses, I finally got myself a new pair. I´ve always been really careful with every pair that I get but unfortunately and for strange reasons, non has lasted me longer than one year. Maybe there might be some kind of spell that makes me loose them, break them or forget them somewhere after one year has passed since I got them and the last pair had the river Foyle as a final destination.

So after a long wait, this week I purchased this lovely pair! Slightly rounded with tortoise-shell patterned frames, a very similar model to the ones Jess from New Girl wears, I just fell in love with that type of glasses and I made sure to get mine. I am quite happy with my choice but there is one thing I regret about not getting them on an earlier stage, although my graduation seems to be the same, getting used to them again is just like the first time a wore glasses for the first time, everything looks so sharp! haha

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