Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Summer postcards

Today was such a lovely day here, the day has been brighten by the sun and finally, everyone has a good reason to get away from the layered outfits. It is clear now that Spring simply just skipped Ireland and Summer has decided to land. 

For the last couple of days I´ve tried to adopt the habit of walking for one hour a day and I actually enjoy doing it. In the past years I´ve tried to adopt a fitness routine without success due to the lac of commitment, I usually get bored of doing the same exercises over and over again, but it seems that I finally found the best way to do some exercise. Walking through a pad way near the river can be the most relaxing moment and also quite inspiring as I found this nice spot to take pictures and I thought today could be the perfect day to take some snaps and post some summer photos for you!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

New Specs

Liste to: The Love Language - Calm Down

After a long time without glasses, I finally got myself a new pair. I´ve always been really careful with every pair that I get but unfortunately and for strange reasons, non has lasted me longer than one year. Maybe there might be some kind of spell that makes me loose them, break them or forget them somewhere after one year has passed since I got them and the last pair had the river Foyle as a final destination.

So after a long wait, this week I purchased this lovely pair! Slightly rounded with tortoise-shell patterned frames, a very similar model to the ones Jess from New Girl wears, I just fell in love with that type of glasses and I made sure to get mine. I am quite happy with my choice but there is one thing I regret about not getting them on an earlier stage, although my graduation seems to be the same, getting used to them again is just like the first time a wore glasses for the first time, everything looks so sharp! haha

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

It´s a wrap!

This past weeks have been mad, running around filming and planning, carring gear all day long and coming back home to plan the next day, have some rest and get ready to start a new day with a different bunch of stuff to do, not an easy thing but not boring at all either. Being on a production team or at least, studying any film or video related courses isn´t glamourous at all, its a matter of wearing practical, comfy and weather appropiate clothes. It´s also a mental challenge because, between other things you need to come up with many creative ideas.

Yesterday and today were the two days I assigned to shoot my music video and Oh boy! it was a bit of a challenge because even though I like the music genre that the band plays, I would´ve never imagined I was going to direct a video for them. Coming up with an idea was not the easiest at the beginning cause I was trying to come up with something that they wouldn´t reject at the time of presenting what I had to offer but with a little help I got the ideal story to develop. 

Finally today was the last day on shoot for my assignment, I was so relieved to get this done that I walk back home was needed to clear my mind from the past days tension. This is where the photographs that you see make sense. I found this dandelion on my way, if there is something that makes me feel that spring & its warmth has come are dandelions. Who didn´t blow at one and admired how the seeds dispersed dancing at the rhythm of the wind?

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

April favourites

We are now on the second week of May and I would not like to miss the chance to recapitulate some of the things I loved during April.

I must say, I wasn´t a big fan of skirts or dresses, not until now. Skater skirts seem to be the best option for girls like me, when factor comfy is at the top of your sartorial priorities, this awesome skirts should be in every girl options list.


Skater skirts

Skater skirts

#2 Sophia Loren

When I think of the 60´s and all that glamourous list of actresses from that era, Sophia Loren comes to my mind almost immediately. A couple of weeks ago I read more about her life and also found this fantastic pictures taken by one of her best friends. Such a kind and natural side portrayed  in these two snaps. You can find more from this photographic collection here.

#3 Vanessa Paradis
Simply because she released a new single and her next album will be out very soon. If you are a fan of french pop you definitely give her music a try, she owns a very bohemian, sweet but powerful voice. Very enjoyable if you are on a chilled mood.