Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Jasmine Tea Cake? Yes please!

Today I was totally mislead by the weather, it looked like a wonderful Spring day, the sun was bright, sky was blue and the forecast wasn´t to bad, so I dressed with fresh clothes and a pair of flats on my bare feet until I went outside and the further I walked, the wind started blowing and many people were layered up with hats, coats and tights. What a silly girl I am!

Today´s post is sweet, tasty and kitchen related... my love for Jasmine tea is unreal, it´s been a week or even more since I had intensions to bake and until today I finally got in the kitchen to make this:

My kitchen is quite dark and even the best taken pictures in it are a bit grainy, any who, I (with a little help from my boyfriend) successfully baked a spongy jasmine tea cake! The flavor is so nice, you can taste a subtle hint of jasmine and it is so light that we were able to soak it in syrup which made it into a kind of healthy sticky toffee cake. Yum!!

I previously searched for recipes through the internet but I ended up following the basic sponge recipe that we´ve always used and adjusted a few things to add the Jasmine touch to it. Easily my favourite type of cake!

If you would like the recipe for this deliciousness let me know and I happily will write down for you! :)

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While writing and enjoying my slice of cake, I was listening to this.

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