Saturday, 6 April 2013

Americano-moka coffee.

Today I´ve been organising my music blog, it can be a bit difficult to mange two blogs at the same time but at the end its worth it cause I get to listen to a lot of new music and also,  I get to write and share things with you! Is in days like this is when I drink coffee, there´s nothing better than drinking a nice cup while sitting on the desk writing; words flow faster and ideas come easier to the mind. I love my coffee on a particular way, I call it Americano-moka and I discovered it last year, after Christmas while I was working on a coffee shop.

 I had so many chocolates that people gave me as a present and they were so many that I knew they would do me no good if I ate them all so I started giving them away almost every day to everybody including my workmates at that coffee place. My good friend, one of the baristas, asked me if I wanted my coffee on a different day (I was addicted to coffee as well, who wouldn´t be working on a coffe shop!), he used the tiny bar of chocolate that I brought to melt it with some vapour from the coffee machine and then made a regular coffee. 

The result was a way stronger coffee with a hint of sweet cream from the chocolate, really recommendable although, only for coffee drinkers!

Of course attempted to make it at home and its quite easy, just crush some chocolate, I used a bit of chocolate from my easter eggs, and mix it with your coffee, I have instant coffee here. Make sure the water is super warm so the chocolate can melt easier and then add a bit of milk and some sugar if you are extremely sweet!

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