Thursday, 18 April 2013

Today´s outfit

I´ve always preferred neutral colours and monochrome patterns when it comes to clothes and now that you are looking at this pictures you might be thinking the opposite, but its true, today I noticed how my wardrobe has change through the years; I remember when my mom used to say I always went for the sober colours. 

If we had a chance to take a look at my clothes 2 or 3 years ago we could´ve only seen plain white, black, sand or blue blouses and of course a wide collection of jeans. Now a days, I would go for patterned blouses, colourful shoes and from time to time trousers or dyed jeans. I guess my taste has changed when it comes to clothes and I haven´t realised it until now. Has this ever happened to you?

Outfit details:
Topshop cardigan
Pull & Bear sheer blouse
Pull & Bear jeans
Atmosphere  shoes

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The Bling Ring

I must thank Making Magique for sharing this trailer on one of her posts. As a girl who declares herself a fan of Sofia Coppola I was a bit disapointed of not knowing about this before, The Bling Ring is a film based on a set of real events that happend on the glamorous suburbs of California. 

With Emma Watson as part of the cast my already existing interest great even more simply because a film starring Emma directed by Sofia is one of the most lucid combinations. Yet again, another screenplay where Sofia Coppola portrays cool teenagers in decay. Another addition to my summer films watch list!

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Americano-moka coffee.

Today I´ve been organising my music blog, it can be a bit difficult to mange two blogs at the same time but at the end its worth it cause I get to listen to a lot of new music and also,  I get to write and share things with you! Is in days like this is when I drink coffee, there´s nothing better than drinking a nice cup while sitting on the desk writing; words flow faster and ideas come easier to the mind. I love my coffee on a particular way, I call it Americano-moka and I discovered it last year, after Christmas while I was working on a coffee shop.

 I had so many chocolates that people gave me as a present and they were so many that I knew they would do me no good if I ate them all so I started giving them away almost every day to everybody including my workmates at that coffee place. My good friend, one of the baristas, asked me if I wanted my coffee on a different day (I was addicted to coffee as well, who wouldn´t be working on a coffe shop!), he used the tiny bar of chocolate that I brought to melt it with some vapour from the coffee machine and then made a regular coffee. 

The result was a way stronger coffee with a hint of sweet cream from the chocolate, really recommendable although, only for coffee drinkers!

Of course attempted to make it at home and its quite easy, just crush some chocolate, I used a bit of chocolate from my easter eggs, and mix it with your coffee, I have instant coffee here. Make sure the water is super warm so the chocolate can melt easier and then add a bit of milk and some sugar if you are extremely sweet!

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Wearing a bow tie.

Today I am wearing a bow tie and it feels amazing. I know this thing of girls wearing bow ties has been going on since the return of the bow tie into the everyday life and like so many other things, I only found it interesting not a long time ago when I found the most amazing bow ties ever, one of the is on my wish list. 

 I gave my boyfriend this bow tie as a Christmas present, he really wanted to have one but he wasn´t sure about been a bow tie boy so I got it for him and he looks fantastic on them, that was my first face to face encounter with this boyish accessories. Spent a full morning looking for THE perfect bow tie until I found it and to be completely honest, I was also looking for the type of bow tie that would suit him and me as well. haha
I definately want my own bow tie, they are so awesome, specially if you are wearing a denim dress or shorts, they make any outfit look cutely smart.

Outfit details:
H&M bow tie, similar here
Atmosphere jumper
Vintage shirt
H&M tights
Old Pull & bear shorts, similar here
Padus booties

This morning found this really cool song on my sound cloud dashboard.

Prada Candy L´eau the short film.

During the weekend I read that Prada was releasing a short film directed by Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola, both names instantly catched my interest looking forward to watch this 3 mini episodes. If you don´t know who Im talking about, let me give you a quick  chat about their background. 

Wes Anderson is an indie director, who has worked with Bill Murray, Owen Willson and Jason Schwartzman. Roman Coppola, well, he comes from a dinasty of film makers, his dad is Francis Ford Coppola, who as given us films such as Apocalipsis now and The Godfather, and his sister is Sofia Coppola, the director of Marie Antoinnete and Lost in Translation.

Prada Candy l'Eau is the story of Candy (played by the beautiful  Léa Seydoux) a girl who embodies the essence and character of the fragrance, very fizzy personality and sweetly funny. The soundtrack chosen for this film is fantastic; a set of French songs from the 60´s and it is also an important subject in the story while it cheers Jim and Julious, two parisian boys that had fallen in love with Candy. Léa has been the face of this fragance since its launch in 2011 and her acting skills are quite amazing in this new ads I guess if you are working with such a great team of directors this is the type of work you are expected to deliver. 

Here are the three episodes, hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Jasmine Tea Cake? Yes please!

Today I was totally mislead by the weather, it looked like a wonderful Spring day, the sun was bright, sky was blue and the forecast wasn´t to bad, so I dressed with fresh clothes and a pair of flats on my bare feet until I went outside and the further I walked, the wind started blowing and many people were layered up with hats, coats and tights. What a silly girl I am!

Today´s post is sweet, tasty and kitchen related... my love for Jasmine tea is unreal, it´s been a week or even more since I had intensions to bake and until today I finally got in the kitchen to make this:

My kitchen is quite dark and even the best taken pictures in it are a bit grainy, any who, I (with a little help from my boyfriend) successfully baked a spongy jasmine tea cake! The flavor is so nice, you can taste a subtle hint of jasmine and it is so light that we were able to soak it in syrup which made it into a kind of healthy sticky toffee cake. Yum!!

I previously searched for recipes through the internet but I ended up following the basic sponge recipe that we´ve always used and adjusted a few things to add the Jasmine touch to it. Easily my favourite type of cake!

If you would like the recipe for this deliciousness let me know and I happily will write down for you! :)

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While writing and enjoying my slice of cake, I was listening to this.