Friday, 15 March 2013

Vintage blues.

The weather is getting better here, although at the end of the day is Ireland and you just can´t trust the forecast, this day was the perfect example. Just 30 minutes before taking this pictures there was not hint of the sun, the sky was full with clouds and rain was falling thick & heavy. I like to think of weather as a fickle child who goes from happy to upset unexpectedly.

But let´s change the topic and talk fashion, today I wore 50/50; this beautiful golden top, despite the grannie-like look it goes well with jeans, trousers or even shorts, I just love it. Also, I decided to wear my favourite vintage piece of all time. 

Vintage top, River Island purse, Ray Ban shades.

This leather boots, let me tell you the story behind them, they were acquired by my mom about 30 years ago and I completely fell in love with them when I found them on her wardrobe, I knew they would be mine, obviously, why would my mom not give them to me, her daughter? hehe. They´ve been in Mexico, France and here, they were fashionable in the 80´s and they are stylish now a days and the reason I previously said "decided" to wear them is because I don´t want them to get damaged they are my very own fashion collectible.

Vintage leather boots

Happy weekend everyone!

While wiritting, I was listening to this.

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