Saturday, 30 March 2013

The joys of the countryside!

It´s been a couple of days since my last outfit update, a busy week just finished and I am finally geting some rest after cold days outside on shoot. So, today we have a dry & bright day which is perfect to go outside and another good thing is that Im up in the countryside, away from the city and with the joys of beautiful green landscapes and a cup of hot chocolate.

This morning we went for a short walk around the road and it is so nice to see how the green is coming back on each spot on the fields, more flowers begin to grow and even though the wind is still cold, the sun is showing up more and more. I really can´t wait for the days where a coat isn´t necessary although if you live here, you know weather can´t never be trusted. I had planned to bring my wellies but I forgot about them so I borrowed this cute pair on pink and polka dots which actually look well with the rest of my outfit!

Outfit details:
Topshop cardigan
H&M dress
Borrowed cute wellies, similar here
While writing I was listening to this.

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